Protect Your System From USB Thief: Advanced USB Based Malware

Protect Your System From USB Thief: Advanced USB Based Malware
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USB Thief

Cyber Security experts have found a new data stealing Trojan virus which makes peculiar use of USB devices in order to expand itself and leaves no trace of the activity on targeted computer. Researches have Nicknamed this noxious USB Based Malware as USB Thief or Win32 / PSW.Stealer.NAI, this virus has the ability to cunningly attack against air-gapped or isolated systems warned security firm ESET.

The USB Based Malware creator has used a special program to secure the USB thief from being blueprinted or duplicated, making it even more difficult for detection detect and reverse engineering. Win32 / PSW.Stealer.NAI has been created for compromised assaults on systems which are detached or abandoned from the Internet, as per to the ESET malware analyst Tomas Gardon.

About USB Thief Trojan Malware

The USB thief Trojan virus is saved either as a transportable application’s plugin or as a dynamically linked library (DLL) implied by the transportable app. Because USB drives mostly saves famous applications such as Firefox, TrueCrypt portable, or Notepad ++ , any as soon as any of the stated applications is carried out, the USB thief will begin running in the background process. USB thief is able to steal data from air-gapped systems, it is such type of system which are not connected from the Internet and other external networks.Mostly, USB Based Malware sneaks into system via infected shareware devices.

The USB Based Malware runs from a removable USB device, so it do not leave any trace of their activities, and therefore, the victims don’t know that their essential inform had been taken.Because malware is linked to a single USB device, it stops Win32 / PSW.Stealer.NAI from escaping from the targeted infected PC. Apart from that the USB thief uses a smooth utilization of multistage encryption which makes the virus difficult to identify and analyze.

Why is USB Based Malware dangerous?

Because of the USB thief appearance, the system can not competently defend itself from the damage. For example, the presence of the Win32 / PSW.Stealer.NAI will cause unexpected presence of Anti-virus software. You will also notice that you can not able to access certain applications and necessary files which is given by Windows such as task manager, register Editor,files etc. USB thief infection will consume lots of RAM and CPU space as well.

How you can protect from Your PC From Win32 / PSW.Stealer.NAI

  • Do not use USB storage devices from untrusted sources.
  • Disable the AutoRun application
  • Frequently Back up your data
  • Do not try to open spam email attachments
  • Don’t Visit Malicious Web-pages

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