.protected File Extension Removal-.protected File Extension Uninstallation

.protected File Extension Removal-.protected File Extension Uninstallation
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{mr.fox8@india.com}.cbf file extension Virus

Being a member of the Ransomware family, .protected File Extension has been classified under the category of disastrous threat for the PC designed by cyber criminals for the purpose of collecting Bitcoins from it’s victims. It get installed secretly and silently inside the PC without seeking the user’s permission. Once loaded encrypts the system’s crucial files and demands payment in Bitcoin. Along with this it also gives threatening to the users that in a case if they tried any method to decrypt the files apart from the decryption key provided by this threat itself then their files will be permanent encrypted in such a manner that one cannot access them back. This threat is even more dangerous since it target victim’s personal and professional files of which they do not have external backup. It in order to encrypt the user’s vital files adds extension to the ‘.protected File Extension’ ransomware. Besides from all this, it resets the system’s default settings and infects the entire registry settings. It makes the PC’s speed extremely slow and sluggish by taking up plenty of system resources.

Invasion Tricks Utilized By .protected File Extension :

  1. By downloading and installing various freeware and shareware applications from several unreliable domain.
  2. By accessing junk emails and opening it’s infected attachments
  3. By paying visit to pornographic websites.
  4. By making usage of weak antivirus softwares in the computer system.
  5. .protected File Extension updating any of the software applications to the latest version.
  6. By sharing data in networking environment.
  7. By running outdated version of firewall and security programs in the system.
  8. By downloading pirated softwares and playing online games.
  9. By making utilization of pirated CDs and hardware.

Scan Your PC To Remove .protected File Extension

Harmful Consequences Of .protected File Extension :

  1. Once loaded fill the browser’s screen with unstoppable pop-up advertisements.
  2. It modifies the system’s preset browser’s settings such as the default homepage and desktop settings.
  3. It also redirects the user’s searches to several suspicious domain.
  4. It stops the users from opening several programs and prohibit them from accessing Internet.
  5. It drops several other potentially unwanted programs inside the PC without the user’s consent.
  6. .protected File Extension deletes the vital system’s files and diminishes the PC’s performance badly.
  7. It update it’s components automatically to prohibit from being ejected.
  8. It steal the user’s private data such as their credit card accounts passwords, login details, email contacts etc and send it to the cyber hackers for unethical purpose.
  9. It deactivates the pre-installed system security programs and turn off the Windows firewall without the user’s permission.

So, now because of such perilous consequences undoubtedly it would be not wrong to say that to for providing complete protection to the PC as well as to the personal stuff it is very important to uninstall .protected File Extension urgently right after it’s detection. Considering that purpose it is advised to implement the manual instructions discussed below since it has been proven that their execution can eliminate almost every type of malware threats from the PC.

Manual Removal Of .protected File Extension :

Remove .protected File Extension From Windows Vista

  • First of all open PC in a “Safe Mode” by pressing ‘F8’. 1-1
  • After that tap on the ‘Safe Mode With Networking” option to remove all the temporary files.


  • Now open the “Windows Task Manager” by pressing ‘Alt + Ctrl + Del’ key at once.


  • Next go through the “Processes” and search for the Ransomware virus and it’s associated threats. After that click on “End Task”.


  • Then click on the “Start” button or “Windows” logo. After that go to the ‘Control Panel’.

3 (1)


  • Open ‘Uninstall a program’ option.


  • Finally at last find and select the ransomware and it’s associated programs. Then follow the uninstall procedure.


If the execution of the above discussed instructions works excellent otherwise to eject .protected File Extension completely from the PC it is suggested to opt for the ‘Free Scanner Tool’. This tool being embedded with numerous powerful and advance algorithmic skills is capable of performing deep scanning of the PC and tracing the location of even those infections whose locations are not even traced by the most popular system security programs. It do include a very easy and interactive user-interface. This tool in order to prohibit the further invasion of vicious infections inside the PC spreads a cloud wall all around it.

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