How to Remove Backdoor.Etumbot From PC Effectively

How to Remove Backdoor.Etumbot From PC Effectively
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How do I completely get rid Backdoor.Etumbot Trojan virus? Since last few days my PC was behaving weirdly and thus I wholly scanned my PC and detected this nasty threat inside my PC. I tried to delete it but it’s a rigid one. PC performance degrading gradually as well as Internet speed slows down. Help me with solution to delete Backdoor.Etumbot from Windows system. Thanks in Advance!!


Backdoor.Etumbot is yet another hazardous Trojan virus discovered on April 26, 2016 and its update later found on April 26, 2016 @ 9:13:12 AM. This very Trojan virus is able to infect all Windows computer and as the name suggest it’s a backdoor Trojan virus. With all the bad motive to allow cyber crooks to remotely access the compromised computer cyber crooks created this Trojan virus and also distributed widely over network. Backdoor.Etumbot is a high level risk Trojan horse that is able to perform many harmful activities on targeted computer. It secretly comes inside the PC and then hides deeply into your computer system. It opens a backdoor onto the compromised computer and then connects it to the remote location : in order to receive commands from crooks. This Trojan virus is very dangerous and perform arbitrary commands on compromised computer, including downloading and executing some potentially malicious files.


Backdoor.Etumbot is hazardous virus designed by cyber hackers to perform malicious activities on your computer. After its invasion system start running into weird performance. It creates lots of junk files which utilizes maximum available computer resources and thus slows down PC performance. It also hijack the installed browser and do bring lots of unwanted modification like it replaces the current homepage as well as changes the default search engine. It also install keyloggers and other bad extensions. It always redirected your search result to some unknown webpage including pornographic sites as well as displays tons of ads all over PC screen luring you to have a click. Additionally it throws fake and warning alerts and worse capable to monitors Internet activity. Thus your personnel details alike IP addresses, ISP details, banking information and some like other important details may be stolen and sent to cyber crooks who further can make it for illegal purpose.

Coming to intrusion methods, Backdoor.Etumbot basically comes inside the computer through sharing data using infected drives, visits to infected websites, sharing data in open network. Additionally, the very nasty Trojan promoted through third-party applications, may lurks through clicks to bad links spread over hacked social networking sites. Opening spam email attachments or downloading media files from unreliable webpage are some commonly seen intrusion methods. Backdoor.Etumbot completely ruin down PC performance and its presence inside your PC for a long term is big threats to private and sensitive data. Hence you are strongly recommended to delete Backdoor.Etumbot from PC effectively.


Manual Step To Delete Backdoor.Etumbot From Windows Computer

From Windows 8 Task Manager

  1. First Open Task Manager by Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together.
  2. Here you will find lots of unknown running process.
  3. Go to Details tab
  4. Select process related to Backdoor.Etumbot
  5. Now, click on “End Task” option.

From Control Panel in Windows 8

  1. Firstly, Click on “Control Panel” option.
  2. Now click on “Uninstall a program”.
  3. Select malicious program related to Backdoor.Etumbot
  4. Click Uninstall button

Remove suspicious entries from Windows 8 Registry

  1. First, Open the “Run” command prompt( Pressing Windows+R Keys together)
  2. Type “regedit” >> Press Enter key.
  3. Select and Remove Backdoor.Etumbot related Entries

Hope you have successfully eliminated Backdoor.Etumbot from your PC. In case if you are unable to remove it going through manual step then you are advised to make use of Free Scanner.


User Guide To Remove This Trojan Using Automatic Scanner

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