Remove Backdoor.Win32.Sixer From PC In Safe Way

Remove Backdoor.Win32.Sixer From PC In Safe Way
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Hello everyone, antivirus application which i have installed in my computer, noticed me that your system is infected with Backdoor.Win32.Sixer. I run the antivirus application to completely scan the system and to remove this threat. But the problems is that this threat is still present after scanning. It is affecting my lot of files and programs. Actually I am using this computer for business purpose and there is so many confidential data is stored. So i am very concern about the safety the data as well as system. I do not have any idea for the removal of this threat so please suggest me the best solution to remove Backdoor.Win32.Sixer from computer. Thanks………..

The Backdoor.Win32.Sixer which makes you worried about the safety of your computer is actually known as trojan. It is a very stubborn and dangerous threat which can damage the all functioning of system. There are some cyber criminals group which has developed ts threat and keep spreading it all over the world. The infection level of this threat so high and that is why it can put the infected PC at high risk. This trojan virus don’t need the admin authority for making its place inside the system. Its tendency is to damage the firewall security and disable the all active antivirus application so that it can enter easily. The DNS setting will also be changed due to this trojan.


It is informed to all of you that only the Microsoft Windows PC is being attacked by this Trojan. It is running cruel actions and creating lot of corrupted files which is further hiding deep inside the system. The effects of this trojan will lead to crash of your PC. This is opening a backdoor entry so that its supporting files and processes can infiltrate the system. The developers of this trojan can remotely access your system and steals the all confidential informations. Due to this trojan the all stored fiels and important folder will be locked or encrypted. In order to decrypt the encrypted files the owners of this trojan will demands for money from the users. But experts suggested to not pay the money as it is a fake activity. This Trojan having the ability to replicate itself into one file to another file. It hooks deep inside the registry and also deleted the registry entries. Hence it is advised to quickly remove Backdoor.Win32.Sixer from the infected PC.

How Backdoor.Win32.Sixer Enters Into PC ?

The Backdoor.Win32.Sixer comes to the PC in several ways in which some of them are quite popular. It is hidden inside some cost free software programs so in order to freeware downloading it get entered the system along with software. When you clicks on unwanted links and opens an attachment file that comes with spam email then also there is a chance of this trojan. From infected removable media like sd card, pen drive, hard drive this trojan can travels. It came in existence while peer to peer file sharing over the network. Going through illegal websites and free scanning reports it may get in the system.

Impact of Backdoor.Win32.Sixer on PC

  • Other malicious programs will be Installed
  • Malicious Codes will be injected in PC
  • Replication from one file to another
  • Encryption of files/ folders
  • System giving annoying performance
  • Browser redirection on illegal sites
  • Displaying annoying Pop-ups on screen
  • Corruption of registry entries and Insecurity of data
  • Default homepage of your browser will be changed
  • Search results will be hijacked to some unwanted search providers
  • Reduce PC performance, slow Internet speed and browsers

                           Scan Your PC To Remove Backdoor.Win32.Sixer

Manual Removal of Backdoor.Win32.Sixer

Control panel

For Windows 7 users

  • Click on start button you will get a control panel option.
  • Open that control panel option.
  • You will get the list of all installed programs
  • Here select Backdoor.Win32.Sixer and click on uninstall option
  • Restart your computer.

For Windows 8 users

  • Firstly open the charms option and click on search button.
  • Now search for control panel ,the control panel will open.
  • From the control panel you can uninstall Backdoor.Win32.Sixer
  • Restart your computer.

Task Manager

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Windows Task Manager option will open
  • Find the Backdoor.Win32.Sixer and click on “End Task” option

From Windows Registry Editor

  • Go through the Start menu and click on run
  • Now type “regedit” for opening registry editor
  • Here remove the registry entries created by this trojan

                 User Guide to Remove Backdoor.Win32.Sixer using Free Scanner Tool

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