How to Remove Barrax Ransomware From Windows Computer

How to Remove Barrax Ransomware From Windows Computer
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Barrax Ransomware is new ransom-virus detected recently that is widely spread over Internet. The new ransom-virus is able to infected all Windows computer and till dated already infected thousands of PCs across globe. If you are getting your computer files saved with ‘.BarRax’ extension then sadly you too victims of Barrax ransom-virus. Need not to worry. This article help you to remove Barrax Ransomware from PC in easy way!!

Barrax Ransomware

Barrax Ransomware is newly detected hazardous ransomware that is based on HiddenTear project. Barrax was published by Utku Sen as “educational ransomware”. Since the release of HiddenTear project number of ransom-virus alike RIP Ransomware and Barrax ransom-virus continues its domination. Some experts too said that crypto-threats will be the biggest threat to important data on home, corporate sector as well as server machines in 2017. Talking about intrusion methods, then Barrax Ransomware is basically delivered to computer user via attached malicious documents with phishing emails and corrupted programs you downloaded unverified or free software domain. In addition, sharing data using infected drives, visits to infected websites, downloading torrents or pornographic contents are some other commonly seen reasons.


Barrax Ransomware comes into limelight or say on radars of AV vendors in the last week of February 2017. This harmful computer threats also detected as:-


Trojan ( 700000121 )





Barrax Ransomware comes packed as an executable file that is primarily aimed at 32-bit computer architectures and also able to run fine on 64-bit systems as well. This is well-designed computer virus that is able to support both the 32-bit and 64-bit systems done with the motive to target maximum computer. Barrax Ransomware malicious files comes in small size under 500 KB. Once after the executable file gets executed completely it starts its malicious activities. Throughly scan your computer in search for certain file types and once get all those using combination of the AES-256 and RSA-2048 ciphers encrypted the victims files.

On deep analysis security experts find that Barrax ransom-virus run on OS as ‘hidden-tear.exe’ and ‘BarraxCrpt.exe,’ which work in portable mode. Files with following extensions are mainly targeted:-

Barrax Ransomware

Barrax Ransomware is able to encrypt data containers that is related with photos, spreadsheets, videos, audios, databases, presentations as well as media creation. Affected files can be easily identified as it appends ‘.BarRax’ extension after the original file extension. Not upto this, Barrax ransom-virus also mess up with the registry keys. It may launch User Account Control messages that emerges each time when you launch a new application. Barrax totally lean down PC performance. Till dated, there is no clarification about fixed ransom-amount but usually varies from 0.2 to 1 Bitcoin, equals to 236 USD/1183 USD(depends upon volume of data been encrypted). Although data are important but still you are recommended never to make payment, instead make use of Free Scanner an ultimate solution to remove Barrax Ransomware from Windows computer.


Manual Step to Delete Barrax Ransomware From Windows Computer

Enter Windows Safe mode.

Win 7 Users:

  1. Restart your PC –> keep on clicking F8
  2. From Menu select Safe Mode with Networking.

Win 8 Users:

  1. Start Button –> Control Panel
  2. System and Security –> Administrative Tools
  3. System Configuration –> From Menu select Safe Boot

Win 10 users:

  1. Start Menu –> Power Options Menu
  2. Hold down SHIFT button >> Click Restart
  3. Troubleshoot –> Advanced Options –> Startup Settings
  4. Restart –> Select Safe Mode with Networking.

Open Task Manager and locate related processes

  1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys simultaneously
  2. Processes Tab –> Select a suspicious process
  3. Right Click and Open File Location
  4. End suspicious process in Task Manager
  5. Delete Folders containing the suspicious files.
  6. Open the Registry Editor and search for Barrax ransom-virus

Win 7 Users:

  1. Click Start and type regedit –> Enter
  2. Press CTRL + F buttons –> Type Virus name.

Win 8/10 users:

  1. Start Button –> Choose Run
  2. Type regedit –> Enter Press CTRL + F buttons
  3. Type Barrax in the search field.

Hope you have successfully eliminated Barrax going through above manual step. But as said it nasty computer threats and still present inside your computer you are advised to make us of Free Scanner to delete Barrax Ransomware from PC.


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