How to Remove BeansPlayer From PC Completely

How to Remove BeansPlayer From PC Completely
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BeansPlayer is a deceptive program which can cause several issues if installed in the system. It is an adware program which is developed by a program known as Todd Bauermeister. According to the developer, this is a kind of light weighted media player on which you can enjoy your favorite audio while working on your system. It is also claimed that the audio player is capable of playing different kind of audio file such as MP3s, AIFFs, OGGs and WAVs smoothly. Beside that it is also offered at free of cost which mean user don’t have to subscribe for its service. Initially, all the features offered by it look genuine but after analyzing deep, expert consider it as an unsafe program which make you suffer from annoying problem. It is associated with different kind of adware, hence it should be removed soon.

Why BeansPlayer is considered as unsafe?

User’s who install BeansPlayer report that they start getting lots of ads and other issues in their computer. Beside that there are many user who not remember that they have ever install this program but still it appear on their system. This mean the program come through deceptive ways and hence it is unsafe. As mentioned above, number of adware program are attached with it. So once it get install in your system, your browsing session will be annoyed by plenty of ads. According to the user the ads which it display is named as Ads by BeansPlayer, BeansPlayer ads, Presented by BeansPlayer etc. Clicking on the ads is full of risk because it lead to unknown webpage which can infect your computer.

Problem caused by BeansPlayer

Being a deceptive program, BeansPlayer can bring several snag during your computing. However it is not a virus itself but it can be used for malvertising. As a consequence, the chances of catching dangerous threat like Ransomware or Trojan get increase. It not only ruin your online activity, it is also a risk for your privacy. Such unwanted program use spy cookies which keep monitoring your online activity. Through this way it also store your sensitive data such as visited site, searched keywords, bookmark, IP address etc. Further, it send these sensitive information to some third party which utilize it in wrong way to make money. Therefore, if you don’t want to take risk with your privacy and to protect your computer, remove BeansPlayer now.

How did BeansPlayer end up on my computer?

Like a potentially unwanted program, BeansPlayer is also distributed via deceptive ways. It may come bundled with free or pirated software which is downloaded from unreliable site. Such free packages of software hide several kind of unwanted files inside them and if the user skip the safe installation method then the unwanted program including this adware directly get installed in the system. Therefore, expert always advise to not forget select the custom or advance setting while you install any software. It allow you to select the specific file which you want to have in your PC an deselect the unwanted additional file.

Removal instruction of BeansPlayer

However, BeansPlayer is not itself a harmful program but its presence can bring many other unwanted program which can cause chaos in your system. So removal of this program is very necessary. In order to remove it you can use the following steps.

Step 1 : Remove unknown files from control panel

  • Close the running programs > select control panel.
  • Select uninstall a program and features option.
  • Here you will find all the installed program.
  • Find out program related to BeansPlayer
  • Click on Uninstall option to remove them

Step 2 : Remove From Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome > Click on Wrench icon
  • Select Tool >>Then, Select Extensions.
  • Select related extension > Click on Trash Icon.
  • Confirm from Confirmation dialog box.
  • Click on Remove button.

Step 3 : Reset Google Chrome

  • Click on Wrench icon > Select setting options.
  • Now go to “Show advanced settings” option
  • Click On it and Hit enter at Reset Browser Settings
  • Confirm to reset option to remove BeansPlayer
  • Restart the browser for better effect

If you have used the manual steps and the adware still exist on your system then don’t be panic. It is recommended to use Free-scanner which remove BeansPlayer completely from your PC.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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