How To Remove CryFile Ransomware (Removal Tips)

How To Remove CryFile Ransomware (Removal Tips)
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Hi folks ! Last night an e-mail from unknown sender, it had an attachment file. As soon as I clicked on it my whole system got freezed and blocked. Now, I’m not able to access any file moreover , there’s a ransom note appearing from CryFile Ransomware. It says all your personal files have been encrypted? Pay $100 to get the decryption Key? I don’t have any idea on how to remove CryFile Ransomware? Please Help !!

CryFile Ransomware

As the name suggest CryFile Ransomware belongs to malignant ransomware family which encrypts various types of files such as .jpeg, .psd,. MP4, etc. saved on victims computers. Once the files are encrypted the cyber crooks will ask a ransom amount in exchange decryption key. If the ransom is not paid within the specified period, supposedly the files will be deleted. After getting this threat, you will get a ransom note with payment instructions and all other details. CryFile Ransomware Virus will inject its executable files in your Temp folder hence, each time you start your system it will automatically run in the background process.


CryFile Ransomware



Short Description

This Ransomware encrypt users file with the strongest encryption and and demands $100 as ransom amount for the decryption key.


All your files will be encrypted and each have extensions affixed to them, A Ransom Note will be dropped in .txt fileson your system with payment details.

Distribution Method

Spam Email Attachments, Spam messages, P2P file sharing network

Detection tool

Download Free Scanner Tool

Scan Your PC To Remove CryFile Ransomware

How You Got Infected With CryFile Ransomware?

This ransomware can infiltrated into your computer via numerous ways like-

  • Web crawlers that crawl the web for web sites targeting spam UrLs that redirect to malicious JavaScript files or packages exploits.
  • Ghost spam bots referral that perform the same activity but are more advanced.
  • Spam email attachments.
  • P2P file sharing network

CryFile Ransomware attacks on almost all the versions of Windows operating system including windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Vicious Impacts of CryFile Ransomware

The main purpose of CryFile Ransomware is to earn fund by encrypting all your personal files such as .ppt, .xls, .wps, .psd, .dbf, .mdf, .wb2, .srw, .rw2, .rwl, .raw, .xls, .ppt, jpg, .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .txt, .doc, .pdf, .dng, .mp3 and many more. When you get infected with this type of malicious threat all your videos, music, documents files and other essential files will get encrypted. The main purpose of this virus is to get your cash by acquiring all sensitive data that is put in while browsing and doing online shopping and internet banking. After encryption is done, CryFile Ransomware then adds one of the below mentioned extensions to the encrypted files:

  • .criptokod
  • .aga
  • .cripttt
  • .criptiko
  • .criptoko

CryFile Ransomware may drop two text files on the victimized system
“Напишите нам для разблокировки
Ваших файлов: [email protected]
Instructionaga.txt file:
“Для разблокировки Ваших файлов
напишите: [email protected]

It may also change one of the below stated registry entries to run as soon as you startup your system:


Do not fall into deception! Do not allow cyber crooks with evil intentions steal your privacy! Don’t panic at all, if you have infected with this Ransomware then there’s an excellent news for users, you can get rid of CryFile Ransomware in simple steps by following the below mentioned removal methods.

Method 1: Manual Process

Step 1 :  Start Windows In Safe Mode and select Networking Option

  • Select Restart option and Click on it to restart your system
  • Press and hold F8 key during the restart process
  • From boot menu, choose Safe Mode with Networking by using the arrow keys
  • Now your PC will boot in Safe Mode with Networking option

Step 2 : Kill.Bleep extension Virusinfec infections Associated Processes From Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del all together on your keyboard
  • Windows Task Manager will appear on your system screen
  • Go to Process tab and find CryFile Ransomware related Processes
  • Now click on End Process button to kill that particular task

Step 3 : Remove malicious entries from the Registry Editor

  • Type “regedit” and press Enter key to open Registry Editor
  • Choose and delete fake entries

Step 4 : Delete Fake programs from the Control Panel in Windows 10

  • Select Start button and click and search for Control Panel in the Search Box
  • Choose Programs and Uninstall a Program option
  • Choose and uninstall all CryFile Ransomware related programs

Note: Manual Removal Process is done by PC experts only and if you are not able to remove this vicious threat then we recommend you not to takes any chances because you might lose your precious files forever. Therefore, to eliminate CryFile Ransomware opt for automatic removal process by using free scanner tool.

Method 2 : Automatically

User Guide To Remove CryFile Ransomware Automatically Using Free Scanner Tool

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