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Crypt0L0cker Ransomware is one of the nasty encrypting threat which has cause damage on lots of computer around the world. User should be aware from this infamous ransomware because once it infect the computer then it is almost impossible to fix the damage which it does. According to researcher, it is an updated version of the nasty TorrentLocker ransomware. Developer of this ransomware named it after CryptoLocker, which is counted among the dangerous PC virus in the world. The difference between the name of both ransomware is Zero replace the ‘O’. The sole intention of this ransomware is to encrypt data present on the infected computer. After accomplishing its installation, Crypt0L0cker Ransomware all the folder of victim computer and locate relevant data container and then encode them using a advanced encryption algorithm. Once file get encrypted then you are unable to access them anymore.


Further Activities Of The Ransomware

This nasty threat silently complete the encryption process so that user don’t get any thread about that. After the encoding process, it append a .enc to the folder that contain the locked files. So if you also find that your file name contains that extension then you should immediately recognize that your computer is attacked by Crypt0L0cker Ransomware. This encrypting virus drops a file named as “DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS” in .txt or .html format. With the help of this file, crook inform user that their file has been encrypted and the only way to get back access of them is by purchasing a decryptor. Here is the snap of its ransom note:


Through the ransom note, criminals want user to pay 2.2 Bitcoin which is equal to 983.27 US Dollar. But as recommended by most of the experts, user should not go for the payment because criminals will not provide any kind of decryptor even after getting the money. So it should be better to look for other option to get back your file rather than paying the ransom. They can recover their file if they have store backup on some external storage device. Ensure to remove Crypt0L0cker Ransomware before start recovering your file because if it exist in your system then it will again infect your file and bring some other malware in future.

Methods Used to Distribute Crypt0L0cker Ransomware

The victim of this threat report that they get it via a misleading email. Developer of ransomware usually choose spam email campaign to distribute it. First of all the design an email which look legitimate as it is send by government or some reputable company. The email message also contain an attachment which seems to be a normal document. But in real this document contain executable code of ransomware which get active as user open the attachment. So you can avoid infiltration of such malware by paying attention. Whenever you get an email from unknown sender or source then check it carefully before opening its attachment. If you find any grammar mistake or some alert message then avoid clicking on it.


How to Remove Crypt0L0cker Ransomware?

As mentioned above, you can only get back your file by the help of backup or some recovery tool. But if you start the recovery without removing Crypt0L0cker Ransomware then all the effort goes to waste as it again encrypt your file. So it is necessary to remove it. Here are the manual steps through which you can remove the threat from your computer.

Step 1: Restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking

For Windows 7, Vista or XP

  • Click on the start button and go to shutdown menu
  • Then click on restart and press ok button
  • When PC become active, start pressing F8 key multiple times
  • This will open the Advanced Boot Options window.
  • Now use your arrow key and Safe Mode with Networking

For Windows 8 and 10

  • First, Press the power button from login screen
  • Next, press and hold shift key and click on restart
  • Then select Troubleshoot and Advanced options
  • Go to Startup Settings and press Restart.
  • Select Enable Safe Mode with Networking after PC become active.

Step 2 : Restore system files and settings

  • In command prompt enter “cd restore” and press enter
  • Then input “rstrui.exe” and press Enter again
  • Click on next and select a restore point
  • After selecting restore point, click on next
  • Then press yes to start system restore

If you are unable to remove Crypt0L0cker Ransomware with manual removal steps then don’t get tensed. You can use Free scanner, an automatic removal tool that removes the ransomware completely from your system.


User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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