Remove .crypt38 extension virus with Step By Step Guide

Remove .crypt38 extension virus with Step By Step Guide
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Are you searching about .crypt38 extension virus and its removal process? Is all your files get encrypted by this? Are you facing issues while accessing your stored files? Are you demanded for ransom amount? Is your desktop image get changed with ransom demanding message? If you really like to sort out all these problem from PC you have to be with the following removal guide very carefully. Read this post and get all query cleared about .crypt38 extension virus.

Short Description About .crypt38 extension virus

.crypt38 extension virus is categorized as file encrypting ransomware which mainly targets Windows user and demands ransom money by adding itself as a browser extension or add-ons. It is very harmful and tricky virus designed by hackers to target your PC and made it vulnerable towards various risky and malicious threats like adware, spyware, browser hijacker and many more. It locks up all your files including MS Office files, PDF file, Images, Audio, Video, and other kinds of files and programs, then you will not able to access any of your files at all. The .crypt38 extension virus displays a scary alert message on the user PC stating that all your system’s files and folders has been encrypted by .crypt38 extension virus which needs to decrypted soon. In order to get back their files user tend to do anything and these malware take advantage of user’s such behavior every time. It also displays a message that if you want to decrypt your files you need to pay ransom in the form of money, but relying on these messages are just the waste of money and time because it is not guaranteed that paying of money will return your files rather they can worsen the situation even more and you will not be able to access your PC even in future also.

Thus it is advised that user should remove this threat by the secure methods which will be fruitful and solution oriented rather than to pay money to some suspected sites. For instance,The .crypt38 extension virus is mainly distributed via spam e-mail attached with hackers’ codes and spam popups with fake warnings for violating government laws to grab your attention and indulge you into its scam. When you open attached files or click on links on those spam popups, then .crypt38 extension virus will infect all your files immediately. The purpose of .crypt38 extension virus is to force you to pay $500 or more from victims to buy its so-called decryption key . Apart from spam email attachments, freeware and dangerous websites are also responsible for such types of virus entrance. So user should pay proper attention during their online surfing and try to use legitimate sites for their online surfing as well as always opt for the custom installation of the downloaded programs, avoid visiting malicious sites and above all scan your PC with an updated anti-virus programs at regular intervals, these are the best way to avoid such types of infections.

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Once .crypt38 extension virus gets enter into your PC will able to hijack your web browser and redirect your searches to unknown sites. It will encrypt all your system’s files and folders and will demand money from the user to get their file decrypted. It keeps track on user online surfing and steals their private and confidential data like bank account details, IP address, browsing history etc and use it to demand money from the innocent user. Apart from that .crypt38 extension virus can slows down your PC as well as Internet performance and causes system’s death randomly. So it highly recommended to remove this threat as soon as you get encountered with it.

Steps To Remove .crypt38 extension virus From Windows Vista

  • Open PC in a safe mode by pressing F8 continuously.


  • Then click on the “Safe Mode With Networking” option to delete all temporary files.


  • Then press Alt+Del+Ctrl at a time to open Windows Task manager.
  • ranStep-3-1
    Now, go trough the “Processes”, and search for the .crypt38 extension virus and its related threats and then click on “End Task”.



Steps To Uninstall .crypt38 extension virusFrom Control Panel

  • Click on the “Start” button or “Windows” logo and then go to “Control Panel”.


  • Then Open “Uninstall a Program” option.


  • Find and select the .crypt38 extension virus and its related programs, then follow the uninstall process.


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