Remove Cryptoshocker – How To Remove?

Remove Cryptoshocker – How To Remove?
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Does your system infected with Cryptoshocker? Are you unable to access your own files stored in system? Tried every possible ways to remove this suspicious virus but failed to get any positive outcome. Don’t worry. You can still uninstall Cryptoshocker from PC effortlessly. For this, read the instruction to get detail about the virus and its removal.


Cryptoshocker, named similar to the other nasty Cryptolocker ransomware which caused enormous problems recently. This virus is created by experienced hackers to put system at critical condition. Its function is to perform file encryption. It uses powerful encryption cipher which encodes users files. As you know, hackers is not doing this for fun since their main objective is to manipulate users and earn profit. Most commonly, this infection lurks into the system via junk links attached with spam mails and messages. The messages pretends to be convincing one to affect system abruptly. In fact, it redirect users to some unknown sites.

As soon as it successfully installed into the system, it deploys several executable on several target Windows computers –

%User’s Profile%
%My Documents%

Scan Your PC To Remove Cryptoshocker

After injecting its noxious codes, it perform encryption of files using AES cypher. It may includes files like documents, records, photos, audio files, videos, database files etc. After that, it takes users to the websites with ransom demand for decrypting files. The amount deposited should be in Bitcoins. But the truth is that, its not going to decrypt your files rather collects you credit card details. As it demonstrate itself very genuine, some of the users get easily in its trap just to get back their essential files. Not only this, it produces bad impact on system to put it at worst situation.

Distribution Method of Cryptoshocker

This hazardous threat infiltrates the system through several ways. First of all, it comes bundled with freeware like PDF converter, flash player etc. It also enters into the system when you open spam email attachments unknowingly. Along with it, it also invade into the system through visiting unsafe sites and also through clicking on intrusive ads and pop-up appears on browsing screen by the adware to attract user towards it. So, whenever you go through all these, you should carefully handle in order to protect system from getting infected.

Lets have a glimpse on its Harmful Properties of Cryptoshocker

  • It makes connection with remote server to further damage system with other viruses.
  • It creates lots of junks on hard drive to slow down system processing.
  • It hijacks web browsers installed in the system and takes over homepage
  • It redirects to phishing sites designed with the motive to cheat users.
  • It spy your activities and collects personal information.

Is it relevant to pay ransom demanded by Cryptoshocker?

Its not actually it pretends to be. Like you pay ransom and get all your files. Don’t forget that you are dealing with cyber criminals. When you pay ransom to them, it may going to help them in designing more advance and powerful virus. Moreover, it neither unlocks your files nor get away from PC. Since all these are managed by automatic software system, nobody is going to assist you regarding this. So, it is highly suggested to never pay money to these blackmailers to avoid other problems in the system.


Effective Guide To Uninstall Cryptoshocker

If you are reading this post, then surely your system is infected with virus. If I am not wrong, you just want to protect your system at any cost. Well, there is no need to worry at all. For this, you can go for manual method in case you have technical skills. Otherwise, you can adopt an effective tool to remove Cryptoshocker effortlessly.

Manual Steps To Delete Cryptoshocker From Windows 8

Step 1 – End all of the fake processes running in Task Manager.

  • For opening Task manager, press Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together.
  • Task manager opens with lots of unknown running process.
  • Move to Details button, choose the ransomware related process and press “End Task” key.

Step 2 – Eliminate fake programs from Control Panel

  • Go to Control Panel option.
  • Click on uninstall a program
  • Select ransomware related program and go to Uninstall button.

Step 3 – Delete malicious entries from Registry Editor

  • Go to Run command by pressing Win+R keys.
  • Type “regedit” and press enter to open Registry Editor.
  • Choose and remove fake ransomware entries.


User Guide To Remove Cryptoshocker

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