How to remove Daily Horoscope Pop-up

Daily Horoscope Pop-up is a kind of potentially unwanted program which can easily make its way into any computer. The very threat is designed by some cyber criminals from the purpose of making money by tricking users in several way. Once it get installed in your system it will perform several kinds of unwanted action to interrupt your important online work relentlessly. If you are infected with this PUP then you can get several kinds of problems in your computer. It will modify your web browser setting and it doesn’t matter if you are using Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and Google chrome. After that it will bombard lots of annoying ads and its ads are especially related with Daily Horoscope. It pretends to be a safe program which will give you updates about your daily horoscope. But as users click on its ads then it will redirect them towards some unsafe website where they will be tricked in purchasing some product.

Scan Your PC to RemoveDaily Horoscope Pop-up

Once Daily Horoscope Pop-up penetrates your computer then your browsing experience will be ruined. Whenever try to search in your default search engine then your search will be redirected somewhere irrelevant constantly. Generally it makes its way into your POC when you don’t have a proper protection against virus. Apart from that visiting risky or hacked website, browsing with unsafe network, opening Spam email attachments, downloading free program or clicking on unsafe URL’s may also invite this threat. It always runs in the background of your system and creates platform for some other infection to get in your computer. Apart from that some unwanted extensions may get installed without your permission. In addition it will track your online history and make your computer vulnerable. After which hackers can easily get inside your computer and they can steal your confidential data. It can create some more dangerous problems hence it is recommended to remove Daily Horoscope Pop-up.

Dangerous effects of Daily Horoscope Pop-up

  • It sneak into your computer secretly
  • It will modify your web browser setting and redirects your search
  • It can display various irritating ads
  • It can change the Windows registry setting and files
  • It can steal your crucial information

How to remove Daily Horoscope Pop-up manually

If the Daily Horoscope Pop-up remains for a long period in your PC then it can cause more damage. So it would be better to remove it. It can be removed manually also. So we are providing some manual steps by using which you can get rid from this Daily Horoscope Pop-up.

For Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7

  • Click on start button or windows logo and then go to control panel
  • Now find the related program and click on change or remove option
  • Let the uninstall process complete

From Windows 8 and 8.1

  • Click on the search button and then control panel
  • After that move to apps>click the desired program to uninstall
  • Now click on uninstall a program

From Internet explorer

  • Start IE then click on Tools button and then go to Manage Add-ons.
  • Choose unknown add-on entries related with Daily Horoscope Pop-up and disable them.
  • After that restart IE

From Google chrome

  • Start chrome and then click on WRENCH or 3 horizontal bar icon at the top left corner of the browser
  • After that Click on tools and then Extensions located at the left side of the Panel
  • Select Daily Horoscope Pop-up and remove it
  • Restart the system

From Mozilla Firefox

  • Start Mozilla Firefox and click on tools menu
  • Then select Add-ons > Extensions
  • Choose unknown add-on entries associated with Daily Horoscope Pop-up and remove them
  • Restart your system

It is hoped that after completing all the manual process you will get rid from Daily Horoscope Pop-up. But if still you unable to remove it then you have to go with some third party tool. To remove Daily Horoscope Pop-up completely from your computer you can use Free Scanner removal method. It is the reliable tool which helps you in removing Daily Horoscope Pop-up and other infection which are dangerous fro your PC.


Free scanner removal guide

User Guide to remove Daily Horoscope Pop-up permanently

Step 1 : Firstly, download and install “Automatic Removal Tool” into the infected PC and double click to start the program.


Step 2 : After that you will see Scanning process bar on your screen


Step 3 : Custom Scan is a best feature which is available to scan each area and location of the infected computer.


Step 4 : The System Guard feature play an important role to terminate the harmful or malicious process from execution.


Step 5 : You can turn on Network Sentry feature to protect your system from unwanted modification


Step 6 : Scan Scheduler provide the benefit to scan your system at a pre-set time even you are away from the PC.



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