Remove DnsIO Virus Easily: Uninstallation Guide

Remove DnsIO Virus Easily: Uninstallation Guide
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Are you searching for effective ways to get rid of DnsIO virus from your computer effectively? You’ve tried numerous anti-virus programs but all in vain? Then, luckily you have come to the correct place follow this guide to know the perfect and easiest removal technique.

DnsIODnsIO is described as a perilous potentially unwanted program program that extorts into users computer by using bundling method and bombard the targeted system with tons of ads, banners, add-ons and links which is sponsored by this threat. These ads are designed very intrusive and attractive to grab the attention of users. DnsIO nasty potentially unwanted program infection which is created by web criminals with evil tactics to inject malicious codes into inexperienced internet users browsers and forcefully advertise their products and gather sensitive informations. This threat infiltrate into users system without their knowledge and consent. It sneaks into most used web browsers including Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, Bing and internet explorer and get stuck as an add-on on extension part It presents itself as an appropriate platform to download but in real terms it is a nasty potentially unwanted program program. DnsIO can come inside your system when you download free applications software programs and videos from unverified sites. This virus can also get inside your computer via Spam email attachments as soon as you open it will injects its harmful worms in your browsers extension.

Scan Your PC To Remove DnsIO

Once this threat invades into your system it will keep bothering you with DnsIO and interrupt you in browsing. This threat will inject its infectious codes into legitimate windows operating system and thus whenever you start the system it will trigger itself. This threat gets successfully installed in your system it will create lots of vulnerabilities and mess up the system by modifying windows registry settings and changing system files and folders. Apart from that DnsIO will silently inject its infectious codes into the toolbar and gives you trouble by displaying endless pop-ups, ads,links and banners of different websites. It will slow down the whole functionality of your computer considerably and sometimes your system will stuck and you cant do anything. This potentially unwanted program is capable of tracing your online activities like your browsing history,search query etc and display ads according to your interest.

Harmful Traits Of DnsIO

  • DnsIO also uses malicious codes to read your data via browser history and cache like search query and the websites you mostly visit and accordingly this nasty infection will showcase its evil traits by displaying lots of pop-ups.
  • It will silently inject its infectious codes into the toolbar and gives you trouble by displaying endless pop-ups, ads, links, in-text ads and banners on each web page that you visit.
  • Sometimes it will open a new tab automatically and when you try to close them it will redirect you to other suspicious sites.
  • Each time you press its pop-ups, you generate net traffic and pay-per-click revenue for the unknown folks that revealed the program.
  • The worst aspect of DnsIO is that it can track your online activities and steal your confidential information like bank account details, login ids, password, emails and other important documents present of the targeted computer.
  • Do yourself a favor, and don’t try to click on its ads. Stop it before it causes huge damages. If you have been infected by this dangerous threat then there’s no need to panic at all, you can easily get rid of DnsIO by using manual methods which is mentioned below.

There are 2 ways to remove DnsIO virus one is through manual method and the second one is by removing the threat manually by using a robust and reliable third party tool .i.e free scanner tool.

Manual Steps to Uninstall DnsIO from Internet Explorer

Method 1 : Manually

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • At top upper right corner of Internet Explorer click on “gear” icon and then click on Manage Add-ons option.

Manager Add-ons option

  • Manage Add-ons Windows will come up, SearchDnsIO and select it.
  • To delete selected virus click on Disable option and then OK button

Disable and then OK button

  • Finally restart the browser

Steps To Reset Internet Explorer

  • First of all Open Internet Explorer
  • At the top right corner Below title bar you see “gear icon” on your browser, choose and click on Internet Options.

“gear icon”

  • Internet Options dialog box will appear then click on Advanced tab and click on Reset button.

Advanced tab and click on Reset button.

  • Choose the Delete personal settings check box from Reset internet Explorer settings section. And Click Reset button.

Delete personal settings

  • After completion of the task click to Close button on confirmation box.
  • Finally close Internet Explorer and restart it again.

Method 2: Automatically

Note: Manual Removal Process is done by PC experts only and if you are not able to remove this vicious threat then we recommend you not to takes any chances because you might lose your precious files forever. Therefore, to eliminate DnsIO opt for automatic removal process by using free scanner tool.

User Guide To Remove DnsIO Virus Automatically Using Free Scanner Tool

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