How To Remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware : Easily Remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware

How To Remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware : Easily Remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware
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Dr. Jimbo Ransomware

Short Description Of Dr. Jimbo Ransomware :

Dr. Jimbo Ransomware is recently caught by the computer expert and the experts recognized it as highly dangerous ransomware virus. The only goal of the virus is to encrypt the system data. When the data is encrypted this ransomware virus will add an extensions on the affected files as .encrypted extension. Let make it clear it you save a text file with name as work.txt then this Dr. Jimbo Ransomware virus will change the name of the text file and encrypted it as the name work.txt.encrypted. This means the text file is encrypted and can’t be accessed. See what kind of threat is this and also find a way to remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware from the PC.

Threat Details :


Dr. Jimbo Ransomware



Short Description

This ransomware has the capacity to encrypt all files and folders moreover, it demands some ransom amount in order to unlock them.


Restrict you from accessing your files and folders by encrypting them

Distribution Method

Freeware Software, Spam email attachments, Pornographic, P2P file sharing network

Detection tool

Download Free Scanner Tool

Scan Your PC To Uninstall Dr. Jimbo Ransomware

How Dr. Jimbo Ransomware Get On Personal Computer ?

It is obvious that from certain kind of malicious path this ransomware virus get access to your PC. Its very unfortunate that many of the computer user don’t realize that due to some minor mistake they have put their system and data present in the system in very high risk position. Dr. Jimbo Ransomware virus recently detected by the cyber expert and they have found the path via which this ransomware virus attack the computer system. Usually big problem start with a small mistake. This ransomware virus use the easiest path to attack the system and encrypt them.

This Dr. Jimbo Ransomware generally use the mail service to spread itself. Actually the cyber hacker create the spam mail attachment and send to the numerous of computer user. The unaware user open the mail and get this nasty ransomware virus on the personal system. If Dr. Jimbo Ransomware is present on your PC then immediately remove it if if not get infected then read this post to be protected and safe your data from the nasty viruses. Find out what this vicious virus can do to your system. Read carefully to know more on this ransomware virus.

What Dr. Jimbo Ransomware Can Do ?

If you are new to this type problem then you are at right place. This post is to make clear about what is the threat and how to remove the threat in easy manner. No one want to work on infected system. If you are still using the system that is infected with harmful threat then stop using it and try to remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware and other harmful threat from the computer system. Because the longer it stay the stronger it became. Computer attackers is created this ransomware virus and uploaded on the net recently and is spreading quickly and infecting the system.

Almost millions of the computer user are affected with this Dr. Jimbo Ransomware virus. Which is created by the cyber criminals. Note the only intension of the cyber hacker is to make profit from you not to give help and leave your system easily. This nasty ransomware virus can do many harm to your computer system. First and main function of the Dr. Jimbo Ransomware is to encrypt the data and ask for money. In detail this ransomware will encrypt the system file and block the access and to regain the access of that system file the computer user have to pay some sort of ransom to the cyber criminals. If still it is in your system then try to remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware quickly.


Download and Save Automatic Scanner on your computer

Way To Remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware :

To remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware you need to follow some easy guidelines. This guideline will help you to remove ransomware virus from the computer system. Carefully follow the each and every steps and then only you can remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware from the PC. Given guidelines will accomplish your task.

To Remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware From your computer system system you must follow some simple steps :

Step 1 : Open Computer system in Safe Mode

  • Restart your System

  • When the computer will restart continue press F8 button to open Advanced Boot Option

  • In Advanced Boot Option select Safe Mode option, to start the system in Safe Mode

Step 2 : To Open Registry entries Follow This Simple Steps :

  • Click On Windows and R button together.

  • Now type “regedit” and click on OK button

  • And the find for the infected entries and delete the following entries.



HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain “Default_Page_URL”

HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\Software\Classes\ Dr. Jimbo Ransomware

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Dr. Jimbo Ransomware

Steps 3 : Remove From the Control Panel Of the Window System

  • Press the Start menu button

  • Find the Control Panel Option In the All Program

  • Open Control Panel

  • Click Uninstall A program to open Program And Feature Window

  • In Program and feature Window Find malicious program

  • Now select the malicious program and click on uninstall it

If you complete the manual removing steps and succeed in removing Dr. Jimbo Ransomware from your computer system then it’s good to hear that. But if not removed by given manual steps, then you just need an effective tool that will accomplish the task and remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware without any pressure. Free Scanner Tool is the only way to remove Dr. Jimbo Ransomware from personal computer system. Free Scanner Tool is a application that catch the threat which hide deep in system and remove them permanently.


User Guide – How To Use Automatic Scanner

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