Remove Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware : Easy Removal Guide

Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware

Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware is another file encrypting threat which has threaten the cyber world. This nasty ransomware was first spotted by a malware researcher known as Karsten Hahn. The name of this threat is based on a famous Glue brand which is sold in US market specially in North Carolina. It is a scary ransomware which seems to be designed by some novice hackers. Like most of the encrypting virus it also lock the screen of victims computer and make the user unable to access the system. It is little different from other ransomware because it doesn’t encrypt files directly instead of that it locks the screen. Similar to other threat it also invade the targeted computer silently and start its process immediately. It is really scary when you shutdown your system and in morning when you open it you found it lock.

Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware : How It Works?

Similar to other encrypting trojan Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware is also designed to extort money from users. In order to execute its malicious process the ransomware silently infiltrate the system and start modifying some setting to create an atmosphere which allow it to work freely. Screen-locker ransomware are designed to lock the screen and they also disable the shortcut through which user can gain access of the system. This ransomware is also not different from other screen-locker, it locks the screen and change the default wallpaper with a ransom note. Victims of this threat report that it demands them to pay 16 bit-coins ($36 000) which is really a high amount.

Dealing With Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware

It is always suggested to create a backup of important data because it help you in case the data get encrypted. Fortunately this ransomware is not so effective and users can get access of the screen again by using the combination of ALT+F4 key. However this version is not so effective but it doesn’t mean that it should be underestimated. Maybe the threat get updated and the updated version can encrypt your file as well as disable all the keyboard shortcut. So follow proper security measures to prevent the attack of ransomware and try to remove Elmer’s Glue Locker as soon as possible.

Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware : Ways It Get Spread?

However the researcher are unable to find the distribution ways of this threat, but according to them it has been distributed through spam email campaign. Spam email is the frequently used ways through which most of the ransomware get spreaded. In this method the targeted user will get a well crafted email form the criminals which look genuine as it is an invoice or some document. But the attachment may contains link or code and when the user open it the ransomware get activated in the system. So next time be careful whenever you got email from unknown person and don’t open it without proper verification.

Removal Instructions of Elmer’s Glue Locker Ransomware

Maybe this ransomware is not so dangerous but as stated above it may get updated and the updated version will be harmful. So it is recommended to remove it from your PC soon. In order to remove it you can use the following manual removal steps.

Step 1 : Restart your PC in Safe Mode with Networking

  • Click on Start menu and then click on Shutdown button.
  • Then click on the Restart button and click OK.
  • Keep pressing the F8 key once PC become active.
  • This will launch Advanced Boot Window.
  • Select Safe Mode with Networking and press enter.

Step 2 : Show Hidden Files and Folder of Ransomware

  • Click organize > select folder and search option
  • Click on the View tab > select Show hidden files and folders
  • Unmark the box for Hide and protected files.
  • Click on Yes on the dialogue box and click OK.

Step 3 : Remove ransomware related Entries From registry

  • Press Windows + R button together.
  • It will open the Run Box on screen.
  • Type “regedit” to start the Windows registry.
  • Search for ransomware related entries.
  • Click on Disable option, to remove them.

If you are unable to remove the ransomware even after using the manual steps properly then don’t worry. You can use Free-scanner which scans your system deeply and removes the threat completely from it.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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