Remove [email protected] Safely From Computer

Remove [email protected] Safely From Computer
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_88981406_petya_figure1Hello friends, the Windows computer which i an using was infected by [email protected]. It comes in my computer last night when i was sending an email to my office member. Actually I received an email with an attachment file. The sender of this mail is unknown for me. I opened that attachment file and then this threat entered in computer. It keep showing me fake alerts and unwanted popups. I am very worried fo my computer safety. Please help me to throw it out from my computer as i don’t have idea about it.

Hi there, you are on the right place so do not worry about [email protected] In this place all the related informations will be provided to you. Basically it is a ransomware that only attacks Windows computers and it is distributing all over the world by its authors. Some cyber criminals teams are the authors of this threat. Actually this is a plan to earn money from the innocent users by making them worried about the computer security. This is showing fake alerts on the computer screen. The alerts states that your computer is in critical position and many of the computer files has been locked. This ransomware will tell you that your important documents has been encrypted and to get rid from this problem you have to buy a decryption key. Further, it will ask for ransom money to give you decryption key. But let me inform you that once you believe on it and send your money then you will be cheated. Therefore it is requested to avoid the all activities of this ransomware and keep yourself safe. There is no need to send money as it is just a conspiracy made for you. This will ask you to send money on some specific location and in the form of bitcoins. But you don’t have to go with this.english-download

As you said that you got this [email protected] in your computer through email attachment file so i am making you aware that this is no only the way through which it can enter the computer. It also comes through the third party software which you downloads from unfamiliar sites. Sometimes it is moving from one computer to another computer through network file sharing. This is made very smartly and thus it is not asking your permission to enter the computer. For the other unwanted activities in the computer this is responsible. It is opening backdoor for supporting malicious files and processes. Your confidential data will be stolen by this ransomware and transferred to online hackers. It will connect your computer with remote hackers and let them allow to capture your keystrokes, login ID and password. This will disable the antivirus software and the firewall setting of the computer. The other application of computer will also not working and the performance of computer became too low. Therefore you have to remove [email protected] from computer once it enters.

                            Scan Your PC To Remove [email protected]

Manual Removal of [email protected] from PC

Remove [email protected] Manually from Windows 7

From Task Manager

Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc
Windows Task Manager option will open
Find the [email protected] and click on “End Task” option

From Windows Registry Editor

Go through the Start menu and click on run
Now type “regedit” for opening registry editor
Here remove the registry entries created by this [email protected]

From Control Panel

Firstly open the charms option and click on search button.
Now search for control panel ,the control panel will open.
From the control panel you can uninstall [email protected]
Restart your computer

             User Guide to [email protected] using Free Scanner Tool


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