Remove Herbst Ransomware: Virus Removal Guide

Remove Herbst Ransomware: Virus Removal Guide
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Are your personal files got encrypted due to Herbst Ransomware? Are you unable to access your files and folders from computer? You don’t have any idea on how to delete this ransomware? Then, there’s no need to worry at all, go through this post carefully remove Herbst Ransomware removal solution.

Herbst Ransomware

A new ransomware has emerged into the scene which is known as Herbst Ransomware. Herbst is a German word which means Autumn, Herbst ransomware uses a strong AES-256 encryption encode along with base64 ciphers and always adds the ‘.herbst’ extension to all the encrypted files. This ransomware follow a severe sequence while attacking its victims. Rather encrypting files haphazardly, the it begins to work with the files saved on the desktop, then it shifts to the My Music and My Pictures folder and lastly that encrypts the files present in the targeted system.


Herbst Ransomware



Short Description

This Ransomware encrypt users file with the strongest AES-256 encryption and base64 ciphers and demands 0.1 BTC($50) as ransom amount for the decryption key.


All your files will be encrypted and each has .herbst file extension affixed to them, unable to access any file. A Ransom Note will be dropped on your system with payment details.

Distribution Method

Spam Email Attachments, Spam messages, P2P file sharing network

Detection tool

Download Free Scanner Tool

Scan Your PC To Remove Herbst Ransomware

The encryption algorithm used by Herbst ransomware is so advanced that even professional and experts computer users will be unable to do anything to retrieve the encrypted files. However, unlike other costly ransomware virus that demands for 100$,  this virus is comparatively inexpensive. As per the ransom not left by Herbst ransomware, victims of its attack have to pay 0.1BTC in order to decrypt the files or get the decryption key. If the ransom amount is not paid within the prescribed countdown, seemingly the files will be deleted. Nonetheless, don’t pay your hard earned money, it is trick you by cyber criminals to fool you and extract money from you.

How You Got Infected With Herbst Ransomware?

This ransomware can infiltrated into your computer via numerous ways like-

  • Web crawlers that crawl the web for web sites targeting spam UrLs that redirect to malicious JavaScript files or packages exploits.
  • Ghost spam bots referral that perform the same activity but are more advanced.
  • Spam email attachments.
  • P2P file sharing network

This ransomware attacks on almost all the versions of Windows operating system including windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Harmful Impacts of Herbst Ransomware

When you get infected with this type of malicious threat all your videos, music, documents files and other essential files will get encrypted. The main purpose of Herbst Ransomware is to get your cash by acquiring all sensitive data that is put in while browsing and doing online shopping and internet banking. This threat will steal credit card credentials or banks details. It may also change one of the below stated registry entries to run as soon as you startup your system:


Below are the screen shot of Files Encrypted By Herbst Ransomware

Files Encrypted By Herbst Ransomware

Do not fall into deception! Do not allow cyber crooks with evil intentions steal your privacy! Don’t panic at all, if you have infected with this Ransomware then there’s an excellent news for users, you can get rid of Herbst Ransomware in simple steps by following the below mentioned removal methods.

Remove Herbst Ransomware Manually From Windows 8

Step 1: Put an end to all Task Manager false processes in Windows 8

  • Open Task Manager, and press Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together.


  • You will see various unknown running process as displayed in the image below.

running process

  • Go to Details tab choose process associated and click on “End Task”

End Task

Step 2: Delete Fake programs from the Control Panel in Windows 8

  • Go to Start screen, Click on Control Panel

Control Panel

  • In the Programs, click on “Uninstall a program”.

Uninstall a program

  • Chosse the programs associated with this virus and click on “Uninstall” button.


Step 3: Remove malicious entries from the Registry Editor

  • Open “Run” command prompt pressing Win +R keys.

Win +R

  • Type “regedit” and press Enter key to open Registry Editor

Type “regedit

  • Choose and delete fake entries

fake entries


Remove Herbst Ransomware Automatically

User Guide To Remove Herbst Ransomware Virus Automatically Using Free Scanner Tool

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