How To Remove – Best Removal Way

How To Remove – Best Removal Way
Rate this post is a dubious domain which is deemed as a browser hijacker because of its suspicious activities. According to security researchers, this domain is designed to target Russian speaking users. The author of this domain advertise it as a safe site which provide trending news and also work as a search engine. But all the claims seems to be falls because it user doesn’t find it user friendly. As a typical browser hijacker, it silently appear in the system and make the user suffer from several annoying issues. Don’t get confused with its interface because browser hijacker are not to enhance your browsing, they are developed to generate income for their authors on the expenses of victim. After its execution, it first replace the browser homepage with If you also notice this malicious domain in place of your browser then start its removal process immediately.

Technical information of

  • Domain name :-
  • Registrar :- REGRU-RU
  • Created on :- 2017-02-09
  • Expires on :- 2018-02-09
  • IP Address :-
  • IP location : Arizona
  • Nserver :
  • Nserver :

What are the adverse effects of

As stated above, may look like a safe domain but its adverse effects can cause several problem in your system. Once executed, it hijack your default browser to alter its settings. After the modification, whenever you open your browser it automatically get redirected towards It also provide a search box to make it appear like a genuine search engine but when you search any keyword, it doesn’t provide related result even the result page is full of third party links. Using its search portal is not safe because you get redirected towards unfamiliar site where you can meet other threats. According to a security report, it is registered to IP address which is linked with different threats. Such as :

  • Trojan.Redirector!8.E
  • HTML/Phishing.Google.J
  • Html.Troj.Inject!c
  • Trojan-PSW.HTML.AccPhish.b
  • HTML/Phish.CV
  • Win32.Trojan-qqpass.Qqrob.Hrfa

Risk associated with

However, is not dangerous like virus or trojan but its result can also be devastating. It is affiliated with several third party site and to boost their web traffic it keep displaying lots of ads and pop-up on the infected PC. It should be good for you to maintain distance from the ads because they create redirection towards several unsafe site. In addition, it is also a big threat of your privacy. It use spy cookies which monitor your every online move and also record your personal browsing data such as visited sites, searched terms, bookmarks etc. These information will be shared with advertiser for displaying more relative ads. So if you don’t want your privacy to be exposed then remove now.

How infect my PC?

The add-on of this browser hijacker come in your system through several ways. It may come as an hidden component with some free application which is downloaded from unsafe webpage. When you download the freeware then the add-on and other additional component get injected silently in the PC. Beside that the add-on also get downloaded in your system if you frequently visit unsafe site specially those which contains illegal content. So if you really want to prevent the infiltration of this hijacker then follow safe browsing and installation method.

Removal instructions of

If also appear in your browser and you want to get rid of the issues arose by it then you have to remove it. To remove it from your browser you can use the following manual steps.

Remove malicious plug-in from your browser

From Internet explorer

  • Launch IE and click on Tools button.
  • After that click on Manage add-ons.
  • Click Tool-bars and Extensions and select
  • Remove all the suspicious extension
  • Delete the add-on or click Disable button.

From Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on menu and select Add-ons.
  • It will open the Add-ons Manager.
  • From Add-ons Manager, choose Extensions panel.
  • Remove all the suspicious extensions .
  • Click on disable or remove button of
  • Then, Click on Restart now if it pops up.

For Google Chrome

  • Open Google chrome and click on its menu button.
  • Go to browser tool-bar and click on Tools.
  • Then select Extensions and Click the trash can icon.
  • Remove all the extensions which related to
  • In the confirmation dialog box, click on Remove.

You can get result from the manual removal steps only if you use it properly and for that you need to be expert. So if you are not an expert then it is recommended to remove automatically with the help of Free-scanner. It is easy to use and remove the threat completely form PC.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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