Remove HPProtectorSrv.exe – Best Removal Guide

Remove HPProtectorSrv.exe – Best Removal Guide
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remove-trojan-virusHPProtectorSrv.exe is the installer of HPProtector but recently this files is identified as suspicious one. It is the variant of malevolent Trojan virus which puts Windows computer at worst condition. This virus is designed by cyber hackers to drop down malicious codes into the system. This threat arrives inside PC via spam mail attachments, clicking on infectious websites, sharing files over deceptive network. Once it intrude into the system, it goes in the background of computer to control other noxious activities. It automatically gets bootup inside the system when PC is started. Further, it destroy registry entries and changes web browsers like Chrome/IE/Firefox setting without user’s knowledge.

Error messages shown by HPProtectorSrv.exe

  • 0x00003838 – ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
  • HPProtectorSrv.exe has stopped working.
  • HPProtectorSrv.exe has stopped working.
  • HPProtectorSrv.exe – Application Error. The application failed to initialize properly (0xXXXXXXXX). Click OK to terminate the application.
  • End Program – HPProtectorSrv.exe . This program is not responding.

Scan Your PC To Remove HPProtectorSrv.exe

How HPProtectorSrv.exe got on your computer?

Like other Trojan virus, HPProtectorSrv.exe gets installed bundled with free applications downloaded from unethical sites. This virus also pays software developer for distributing HPProtectorSrv.exe, it is included as part of installer. Often spread with free games and simple, one-click freeware tools developed specifically with the purpose to distribute so many computer as possible. Besides this, when you open any unsafe mail attachments, visit junk link and also social engineering scam. Hence, users are suggested to be careful while dealing with this malicious stuffs.

How dangerous is HPProtectorSrv.exe?

As you have been already heard about Trojan virus, so you are quite familiar with its behavior. HPProtectorSrv.exe makes its way to sneak into the system without user’s permission. Once infiltrates, it performs such nasty activities which you never about. Most genuine behavior of intrusion of malware in PC is visualize through slow processing of system. It means you faces difficulties in performing any type of tasks, like browsing Internet, playing games, preparing presentation and many more. Even, it corrupts some of the essential files and folders by modifying registry entries. This virus has the capability to utilize resources and CPU space in order to stop execution of necessary programs.

Even, it disables most of the fundamental activities like task manager, control panel, firewalls etc. Most worst part about this virus is that it replicates itself inside the computer making difficult to trace its location. Last but not the least, it attacks on web browser to alter DNS setting to mess up overall browser. Mostly with the intention to collect credential information such as banking details, phone number, email contacts etc by monitoring online activities like browsing history, session ids, bookmarks, cookies and many other vicious activities. All in all, it is only for stealing money without user’s consent.

Therefore, being a smart user keeping HPProtectorSrv.exe in PC is foolishness, so you should remove it instantly from PC using an effective tool known as free scanner tool. It performs full scan of PC to protect against severe threat.

How To Get Rid of HPProtectorSrv.exe?

Basically there are two methods using one of them you can remove HPProtectorSrv.exe virus from computer.

Manual Method – You can use this method if you have technical knowledge regarding PC, otherwise discard it.

Automatic Scanner Tool – This tool is very efficient to remove HPProtectorSrv.exe from system. It is very flexible in use for both experienced and novice PC users.

Uninstall HPProtectorSrv.exe From Windows 10

Step 1 – Delete HPProtectorSrv.exe From Control Panel

  • Click on Windows logo Control Panel appearing on screen.
  • Go to Control Panel and choose program option. It will show list of installed programs in your system.
  • Click on malicious programs and uninstall it from system.
  • Press uninstall button to delete it.
  • Once you have done, then restart PC to finish process.

Step 2 – Eliminate Bogus Security Software from Task Manager

  • Open Task manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del to end up all running process.
  • Then go to process tab.
  • Choose executable processes and click on “End Process” button.

Step 3 – Remove HPProtectorSrv.exe From Windows Registry

  • Click on registry and type “regedit” in command prompt.
  • Once it open, search for corrupt entries and delete fake security software from system.

User Guide To Remove HPProtectorSrv.exe

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