How to Remove JS/TechBrolo.Q From PC Effectively

How to Remove JS/TechBrolo.Q From PC Effectively
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Does your computer system gets infected with JS/TechBrolo.Q? Are you getting very low PC performance? Are you experiencing changes into browser default settings and getting slow Internet speed? Is your CPU freezing a lot? Wondering for a complete solution to remove JS/TechBrolo.Q from your computer system? If “Yes” then continue reading the post…


JS/TechBrolo.Q is severe Trojan virus known to completely degrade your PC performance as well as does all best to steal victims sensitive information. Actually the Trojan virus is associated with Support Scam and this discovered on Feb 08, 2017. Its updated further detected on Mar 13, 2017. Till dated, this nasty Trojan already infected many computer system across globe. It is able to affect all computer running on Windows OS including the latest one like Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 computer. The Trojan virus also detected as SupportScam: JS/TechBrolo.Q named Trojan. With the motive to mislead computer user and putting victims in situation to download malicious files or fake expensive tool cyber criminals created this nasty virus and also distributed extensively over Internet. Its presence inside your PC is big threats and especially its hampers your browsing performance causing unwanted redirection.


JS/TechBrolo.Q consist of JavaScript malware that is hosted on malicious sites. Soon after coming inside your PC it messes up with browser default settings. It always redirected you to some other malicious webpage. When you access these websites, it displays succeeding fake alerts that claims your computer system is gets infected by malware or some system errors occurs. You are redirected to the website by spam ads. You get different pop-up message saying your computer has been locked because of virus infection. It displays a dialogue box that pops up onto the site asking you to make call 1-844-313-7003. Additionally, JS/TechBrolo.Q message shown starts playing an audio message, which says:-

Important security alert! Virus intrusions detected on your computer. Your personal data and system files may be at serious risk. All system resources are halted to prevent any damage. Please call customer service immediately to report these threats now.

Many user experiencing the message for the first time gets entangled. Clicking OK button or close pop-up message, dialogue loop kicks in. It continues to appears onto your PC screen and continues to serve the pop-up messages as well as locking your browser. Now after, if you click OK, it loads page with what appears to be a pop-up message containing the same details, including technical support hotline like 1-844-313-7003. Although it look genuine message but you need to be more cautious as it’s not really a pop-up message, but website element related to scam page.

Normally JS/TechBrolo.Q comes inside your computer system through spam emails as embedded bad links. Clicks to suspicious ads and offers, respond to malicious links spread over social media webpage and nevertheless installing freeware or shareware program downloaded from unreliable webpage are some intrusion method. You don’t need to respond to these fake ads as they may steal your very important details alike banking information, IP address, ISP details, and some other sensitive details may be stolen. Hence you are strongly recommended to delete JS/TechBrolo.Q from PC.


Manual Step to Delete JS/TechBrolo.Q from PC

From IE

  1. From Menu>>Choose manage add-ons
  2. Select Toolbar and Extension tab
  3. Choose JS/TechBrolo.Q>> Click Disable

From Google Chrome

  1. First, start Google Chrome
  2. type chrome://extensions/ in search bar
  3. From list>>Choose JS/TechBrolo.Q>> Click Remove

From Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox>>Type add-ons
  2. Click Extensions tab
  3. From Extension tab>>Locate JS/TechBrolo.Q
  4. Click Remove

Remove JS/TechBrolo.Q From Control Panel

Windows XP users

  1. Click start>>choose control panel
  2. Choose add/remove programs
  3. Locate JS/TechBrolo.Q>>Click Remove

Windows 8 users

  1. Main menu>> Choose Control panel
  2. Programs & Features
  3. Click Uninstall a program
  4. Locate JS/TechBrolo.Q>>Click Remove

For Windows 7 users

  1. Start >> Choose Control Panel
  2. Choose programs and features
  3. Uninstall a program
  4. Locate JS/TechBrolo.Q>>Click Remove

Hope you have successfully deleted JS/TechBrolo.Q but in case you are unable to remove it you are recommended to try Free Scanner to remove Trojan virus from PC.


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