How To Remove From Web Browser

How To Remove From Web Browser
5 (100%) 1 vote is a search engine with quite amazing interface. However such search engine is classified as a malicious browser hijacker due to it’s harmful effects. Why so we will clear it on this article. The most important thing you will learn of this article is how to remove such browser hijacker virus from the system. The domain name of this web search engine is little romantic and some time make feel like it’s an app to check the love meter between love partners. NO NO NO this not a social media app where it give the love percentage. is a malicious domain which will make vicious change to your system.

When you look on the interface of this you will see few direct links of some famous sites like Facebook, Booking, Flipkart, Paytm, Aliexperess, Ebay. It will provide you direct access to these site just from one click. This only to make you ensure that you are using a reliable search domain. The HD images or background on this domain will increase the believe. However we still not suggesting you to use such malicious domain, because it will several trick to earn from you and make your system privacy weak. Instead follow the step to remove this from your system as soon as possible.english_download : Will Not Show Any Love

On deep analysis of, our team have found that this domain work under the T&U of APN LLC. The APN LLC is a software provider, which develop or design web browser toolbar and web application to give a search solution for the user. Many famous product which also act vary dangerously on the Windows system is designed by this APN LLC. The point is that this search engine you are seeing on your installed or default web browser is one kind of harmful browser hijacker virus which conclude many malicious activity within it, you should not use it and try to remove as soon as possible.

There is number of possibilities due to which you can get infected with such kind of browser hijacker virus.

  1. By installing Freeware Software
  2. Using infected removal drive
  3. Opening malicious links
  4. Clicking on the vicious ads
  5. Surfing the malicious web pages like porn and torrent
  6. Playing online game from malicious websites
  7. Opening spam mails.

From these malicious way this virus will attack to your system. Once it injected into the system, you browser setting like :

  1. Main Homepage
  2. New Tab
  3. Specific Page
  4. Default Toolbar and search engine

These all settings will be changed and you have to face problem. It will all the famous web browser including Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla. However the most of the effects of this browser hijacker have been seen of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser. So the step method below to remove this is applied on these two web browser.


How To Remove From Browser ??

To remove you need to follow these steps. Once it is removed fro,m the system you can changed all the nasty modification done by this browser hijacker virus.

From Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome explore.
  • Click on Google Chrome control (menu box) in the right-top of the page and click “Setting”.
  • Then select Set pages link On startup.
  • Here you have to delete homepage link >>> click on OK button.
  • Click on Change link on Apperance option.
  • Then delete >>> click on OK Button.
  • Restart Chrome explore.

From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox explore.
  • Click on Open Menu on the right-top.
  • Then click Options.
  • Click “General” tab.
  • Delete and set a new homepage link. Or click on Restore to Default.
  • Then click “OK” button.
  • Choose “Manage Search Engines” in the search list.
  • Choose “” and click “Remove”,then click “OK”.
  • Restart Firefox explore.

If you have any issue while remove this malicious browser hacker virus then you can use Free Scanner Tool. This Free Scanner tool is design to remove such harmful browser hijacker virus.


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