Remove Microcosm New Tab Completely From Google Chrome

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Microcosm New Tab is a deceptive extension which is promoted as a helpful program that improve your browsing. The extension is advertised on where user are guided to add it to their chrome browser. The developer of this program designed it to substitute the homepage and default new page on the Google chrome. Beside that it also claim to provide some interesting features such as adding animation in your browser, get weather update of your location etc. Such features may appear interesting and that is the reason many user take it as legitimate program. But user’s should not take the chance because software experts consider it as a potentially unwanted program. The one and only motive of its developer is to generate income on the expenses of targeted user’s. You must eliminate it from your system otherwise it will ruin your browsing.

Microcosm New Tab : What Make It Unsafe To Use?

Maybe Microcosm New Tab offers various kind of features but having it in your system is not safe. Being a potentially unwanted program, it silently enters in your system and get attached with your chrome browser. After that it do modification in the default browser settings and also changes the default homepage. As a consequence of these changes, your browser start performing weirdly. Every time you open the browser, it get redirected toward the Microcosm. Instead of enhancing your browsing experience, it will badly ruin it. If it exist in your system then you will get tons of ads which create redirection towards unsafe site. So no matter what the developer claim, you should not trust this program. Here you can see what the developer say about tis program :

Microcosm New Tab And Privacy Risk

The Microcosm New Tab not only disturb your online session but it is also considered unsafe for your privacy. However, its developer doesn’t provide the Terms and Use of Agreement and there is also not email ID where user can contact the developer. Expert suspect that the PUP can monitor user’s browsing activity and collect browsing data. Installing the Microcosm New Tab from chrome web-store will request the user for following things :

  • Read and change your data on the websites you visit
  • Read and change your bookmarks.
  • Know your email address.

This clearly means that it store your browsing data like Internet history, search keyword on Google, your email address and bookmarks. Further it send these statistics to the ad network which they use to display ads according to the user’s interest. Hence, user’s should try to remove it soon from the PC.

How Microcosm New Tab Get Install In My System?

There are many user who don’t know how this program get install in their PC even the never downloaded it. This is because such unwanted program comes bundled with some free software package. These freeware may look useful or interesting but you should not install them blindly. Selecting default setting during installation of such program will allow the bundled file to get inside the system. That’s the reason why expert want to select custom or advance setting while installing any program.

Removal Instruction Of Microcosm New Tab

If you also notice Microcosm New Tab in your system then try to remove it soon. In order to remove it from your chrome browser manually, you can use the following steps.

Step 1 : Remove Microcosm New Tab From Google chrome

  • First open your Chrome browser and click on menu button
  • Then click on More tools and Extensions
  • Select the unwanted extension related to Microcosm New Tab
  • Remove all the extension by clicking on Recycle Bin.

Step 2 : Change the homepage if get altered

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the menu option.
  • From settings, go to the Appearance option
  • Then go to Show home button and click on Change
  • In the open this box type your preferred homepage URL
  • Finally click on the OK button

Step 3 : Reset your Chrome to its default setting

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the menu option.
  • Click on settings from drop down list
  • A search box will open, type RESET.
  • Complete the process by clicking on Reset button

After using the manual removal steps if you still notice the Microcosm New Tab then don’t worry. You can get rid of the PUP by using Free-scanner. It scan the PC and remove all the threat completely.

User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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