How to Remove NM4 Ransomware From Computer System

How to Remove NM4 Ransomware From Computer System
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A new ransom-virus namely NM4 Ransomware detected by malware researchers on April 26th, 2017. On initial inspection security analyst the very new NM4 Ransomware is based on the NMoreira Ransomware and thus many AV vendors refer to the NM4 Ransom-virus as NMoreira 4 Ransomware. It is widely spread over Internet and capable to infect all Windows computer system including Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. If you are too getting your computer files saved with .NM4 extension then unfortunately your PC too gets infected. Well, you don’t need to worry as this article will help you in removing NM4 Ransomware completely from your PC.

NM4 Ransomware

NM4 Ransomware is hazardous ransom-virus that first appeared on cyber security community on April 26th, 2017. It is spotted as a new variation of NMoreira ransomware and falls in the same class as the JeepersCrypt Ransomware. The main distribution method is spam emails that comes with malicious attachments carrying a corrupted executable and links to compromised webpages. The very harmful threats primarily focuses on corporate networks as well as regular computer user. NM4 Ransomware impacts basically are observed in North America and Western Europe and on that basis security experts found it basically targeting English-speaking computer users.


NM4 Ransomware is standard crypto-threat that is known to generate unique private encryption key and then compile list of computer files suitable for encryption. Once after the NM4 ransom-virus invades your PC and get executed completely make an index file which includes addresses of data containers that is associated with text, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, audio, video, eBooks, presentations and databases. Once these all files gets affected you are unable to access them and will notice ‘.NM4’ extension appended to each and every file been encrypted. It affect victims computer files following AES256-bit encryption and RSA-2048-bit encryption.

NM4 Ransomware is designed to be very lightweight and so doesn’t need for too much memory space to run. Additionally victims doesn’t notice too much suspicious activity on their compromised machines and that’s the reasons it remain inside your PC for a long term. However, victims will notice its system performing much slow, take much time in read/write operation because of load on the CPU as the NM4 Ransomware is performing encryption process in system background. After completion of encryption process a ransom notification get loaded onto the PC screen in the form of ‘recovers_your_files.html,’ which reads:



Encrypted files!

All your files are encrypted using AES256-bit encryption and RSA-2048-bit encryption.

Making it impossible to recover files without the correct private key.

If you are interested in getting is the key and recover your files

You should proceed with the following steps.

The only way to decrypt your files safely is to buy the Descrypt and Private Key software.

Any attempts to restore your files with the third-party software will be fatal for your files!

To proceed with the purchase you must access one of the link below


According to reports NM4 Ransomware ask victims to make payment of 3 Bitcoin (3894 USD/3581 EUR) to the cyber extortionists. Data are important anyway but paying demanded amount is never solution. Instead you are strongly recommended to delete NM4 Ransomware from PC immediately.


Manual Steps To Delete NM4 Ransomware From PC

From Windows 10

  1. Start Menu >> Click settings.
  2. double click system.
  3. Click App & Features
  4. Select NM4 Ransomware related program
  5. Click Uninstall
  6. Restart.

From Windows 8/8.1

  1. Open charm box by Windows and Q key together.
  2. Type “Control Panel”>> Hit Enter
  3. Search “Install/Uninstall” Program.
  4. Search NM4 Ransomware >> Uninstall.
  5. Restart the PC once again.

From Windows 7/XP/Vista

  1. Click on start button
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Select Add/Remove programs
  4. Locate NM4 Ransomware >> Uninstall.
  5. Restart the computer.

Hope you have successfully deleted NM4 Ransomware from your computer but in case you are unable to remove it you are recommended to make use of Free Scanner as it’s the best solution to delete NM4 Ransom-virus.


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