How To Remove Osiris Ransomware Virus From PC Easily

Osiris Ransomware is the new variant of Locky ransomware. Now the very hazardous and malevolent ransom-virus “Locky” switches to Egyptian Mythology encrypt data with the Osiris Extension. Locky’s virus authors are showing much interest in ancient mythology and this time spammers moved from Norse gods to Egyptian mythology. Osiris Ransomware has been recently detected and first outbreak was observed on December 5, 2016. If you are getting your stored file saved with .osiris Extension then unfortunate your PC too gets affected. Get here complete solution to get rid of Osiris Ransomware.

Remove Osiris Ransomware

Osiris Ransomware seems more advanced and developed with latest techniques by cyber spammers that is capable to bypass detection of many AV programs. Osiris following the same tradition to lurks inside PC it invades system following Trojan horse technique. It secretly comes inside PC and soon gets activated starts snooping entire system in order to find certain file types. After collecting all file that need to be targeted using RSA-2048 and AES-128 encryption ciphers encrypt them. You can easily recognize those file as each encrypted file gets .osiris file extension name. The original name replaces with a set of symbols like([8 symbols]–[4 symbols]–[4 symbols]–[8 random symbols]–[12 random symbols]. The first 16 symbols ie [8 symbols]–[4 symbols]–[4 symbols] represent victim’s ID. Osiris Ransomware is although hard to be detected but not to be left unattended for a long time.


Following successful encryption, Osiris Ransomware adds ransom note named as OSIRIS-[4_numbers].htm, DesktopOSIRIS.bmp, DesktopOSIRIS.htm, and OSIRIS-[4_numbers].htm. The ransom-note provide system situation and notify you about demanded amount and how to pay the ransom. Coming to Osiris Ransomware intrusion methods, then malware researchers states that this new Locky ransomware is currently spreading via obfuscated emails having subject line “Photo/Scan/Document from office”. Ransom Note Shown to victims:-

Remove Osiris Ransomware

The emails contain malicious attachment (.zip file) responding on which drops .vbs file onto system. Soon user open the file destructive ransomware payload gets activated and then .vbs file rapidly connects to online servers. Without prior notification downloads Locky to the system. Additionally, a new distribution method comes to be spotted. Osiris Ransomware spreads via Facebook messages appears as a photo_9166.svg file. Moreover, with the help of exploit kits and Trojans it gets inside PC computer. Osiris Ransomware ask for 2.5 BTC to Bitcoin address: 1BkR8zL6jAn8zcF4t6FM85DYLFG1dZ12ip but you are advised to be fool as you may be cheated and left empty handed even after paying amount. Instead you are recommended to make use of Free Scanner to remove Osiris ransomware virus from PC easily.

Harmful Affect of Osiris Ransomware

  • CPU freezes from time to time.
  • Unable to browse Internet.
  • Computer screen locks up.
  • System performance totally degraded.
  • Ask you for ransom amount to regain access to data.
  • Computer files gets encrypted and make inaccessible.


Manual Step To Remove Osiris Ransomware Virus From PC Easily

As you see, it is nasty ransomware virus which totally bring down your computer performance. You may encounter critical system issues like system crashes or BSOD Error. So, before some very bad happens or you lose privacy to cyber crooks you must need to delete Osiris Ransomware From PC. Follow the step given below to remove it manually: –

From Windows 8 Task Manager

  1. Open Task Manager Pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together.
  2. Here you will find lots of unknown running process.
  3. Go to Details tab
  4. Select process related to Osiris Ransomware
  5. Now, click on “End Task” option.

From Control Panel in Windows 8

  • Firstly, Click on “Control Panel” option.
  • Now click on “Uninstall a program”.
  • Select malicious program related to Osiris Ransom-virus
  • Click Uninstall button

Remove suspicious entries from Windows 8 Registry

  • First, Open the “Run” command prompt( Pressing Windows+R Keys together)
  • Type “regedit”
  • Press Enter key.
  • Select and Remove Osiris Ransomware related Entries

Hope you have successfully eliminated Osiris Ransomware from your PC. In case if you are unable to remove it going through manual step then you are advised to make use of Free Scanner to delete this Ransom-virus.

User Guide To Remove This Ransomware Using Automatic Scanner

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