How To Remove PentagonRAT From Windows System

How To Remove PentagonRAT From Windows System
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PentagonRAT, a Remote Administrator tool for the beginners to became master in hacking. For the coder and programmer hacking is fun, to become master from beginner, such Remote Administrator Trojan will help. Such hacking tool is used for malicious use like penetrating on victim’s system. targeting the files on victim’s system. Remote Administrator Tool famously known as RAT on the Internet. RAT is mostly used to manage multiple of computer with variety of Tools by remotely connecting them. This PentagonRAT or any RAT toll is based on or work as client and server technology. Such tool provide few feature, which is illustrated on this article. You must be aware of such thing because once the once it gone on wrong hand, then many harmful activities will be done.

A programmer team names as “Asril Mochammad” is behind the creation of of this PentagonRAT. This tool can be easily downloaded from “” where it’s is in ZIP form with almost 9 MB of size. Such tool is a learning guide for the beginner hacker to became masters. We recommend you not to use such Tool or never use bad way to access other system. It’s against the cyber law. By keeping your Anti Malware program up-to-date you can make sure that such tool get detected if you protection is updated (if not get from here).english_download

What PentagonRAT Is ?

PentagonRAT software is advance remote access tool, for the hacker and for those who are interested in hacking. Such thing is illegal and against to the cyber law, if get caught by the cyber security then you will be punished. This Remote Administrator Trojan comes along with many features and with building kit. This PentagonRAT also support remote data encryption, perfectly used for the ransomware hacker. The ransomware is harmful threat which block access on the infected system. Such tool will be very helpful for the new programmer to build data encryption tool.

This PentagonRAT software is also marketed with the brand name “Cypter Server PentagonRAT”, many information gather from it’s blog site which inform that the hacker is based in Indonesia, which offer to the license key of this RAT. For the license key you have to pay 40,000 to 100,000 Indonesian currency which approx 3 and 7 USD. The payment option is not provided on the site, for getting the license key you have pay the money via and email account which is “”.

As informed earlier this PentagonRAT is packed with few feature which are :

  • DDos attacks
  • Video/Audio Streaming
  • Different technique of data encryption
  • Remote connection
  • Proxy Configuration
  • Password recovery
  • key logging
  • and few more…


How To Remove PentagonRAT ?

This PentagonRAT can be easily remove from your system, if you don’t want it on your system. simply go to the control panel and remove it from there. The step is given here, on many system, its been found and user have no idea from where it get. The developer team of such tool have published it over internet, so from malicious sit it can get into the system. now it’s very important to remove PentagonRAT, which can be done by the given steps.

Through Windows Xp/Vista and Windows 7

  • Click on start button
  • Go to the Control Panel and then select Add/Remove programs
  • Locate PentagonRAT from installed program
  • Uninstall them.

Through Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

  • Press Windows and Q key together to open charm box.
  • Type “Control Panel” >>>Hit enter
  • Search “Install/Uninstall” Program
  • Search PentagonRAT >> Uninstall them.

Through Windows 10

  • Go to Menu then to Settings >> System(double click)
  • Click App & Features
  • Select PentagonRAT related program
  • Click Uninstall after button appears.

Show Hidden Files Windows 7

  • Click on “Organize” on Windows Explorer
  • Select “Folder and Search Options”
  • Select the “View” option
  • select “Show hidden files and folders” option

Get Rid Of Malicious Entries Of PentagonRAT From Windows Registry

  • First of all you have to click on Windows + R key together, to open your Run Box.
  • Now, you have to type “regedit” to open Windows registry and then search for entries related with
  • Finally click on Disable option, to remove related entries


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