Remove ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B From Your Infected PC

Remove ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B From Your Infected PC
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About ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B

ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B is detected as Trojan but it acts like ransomware. It is very harmful for your PC, can make alots of modification in your PC without your consent. It can stop you from using your system. It encrypts your personal files and it might ask you to pay ransom fee in order to unlock your files and PC. But there is no guarantee that after paying the ransom fee you will get access to your files. That is why security expert suggests that do not pay them ransom fee. Paying ransom fee is not a better solution for your problem, but it can make them rich and their organization will become more stronger day by day. As you know now it’s a trojan cum ransomware and both categories are better known for robbing victims’ money and installing other malware programs in PC. So that they can monitor your browsing activities for stealing confidential informations like login details of social accounts, bank accounts etc.

Scan Your PC to Remove ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B

Threat Summary





Risk Level



It may install malware or spyware programs, it encrypts your files which becomes inaccessible, displays ransom note to pay upto $200 in order to get private key, you may see wallpaper of your PC is changed that will show ransom note


Spam emails, freeware, compromised website


It is a very destructive program that can take control over your PC, it can install malware programs without your permission, it may contact with remote hackers for uploading your confidential informations and downloading further instriction.

Affected OS

Windows OS (All version)

How does it infect your PC ?

ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B arrives as a .DLL file that might be downloaded by Angler exploit tool or other malicious program. The exploit tool plays very important role for registering the .DLL by running rundll32 with a customized function. It also drops a ransom note file in start up folder of your PC so that note will be loaded whenever Windows is restarted.

What are the common symptoms of ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B?

If you are not sure that whether your PC is infected or not, check out these symptoms.

  • Your personal files must be inaccessible and encrypted by ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B.
  • Your may get ransom note as a text file or your desktop wallpaper may be changed which may include ransom note.
  • Important processes of security softwares must have stopped working or throwing some kinda error.
  • Performance of your PC and internet speed may be extremely slow.
  • Your confidential informations such as login details of your bank accounts, social accounts or email accounts might be leaked and may be used against you.
  • Though it is a trojan so you may find spyware or other malware program are installed in your PC without your authorization.

If your are already infected, Don’t panic! We are here to assist you. You can remove ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B. By following one of two methods. If you are a tech person, you can follow our manual removal guide, else you can remove it automatically using Trojan Scanner Tool.

Method 1: Manual Deletion Of ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B

You are advised to remove all associated files from the system control panel. The steps for accessing the Control Panel varies from OS to OS.

For Windows XP OS users

  • Click to Start button

  • From the menu select Control Panel

  • Select Add / Remove Programs.

  • Locate ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B or other suspicious files.

  • Click the Remove button

  • Restart the computer to see the changes.

For Windows-8 and 8.1 OS users

  • Right click on the bottom left corner of the desktop screen

  • From the left menu select Control Panel

  • Tap or click to Uninstall a program under Programs and Features.

  • Find all the files and programs associated with System Infected: ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B.

  • Click to Uninstall button.

  • Restart your computer to see the changes.

For Windows 7 / Vista OS users

  • Click Start button then select Control Panel.

  • Select Programs and Features >> Uninstall a program.

  • From the program list select files and programs associated to ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B.

  • Tap or click to uninstall button.

  • Restart your computer to see the changes.

Method 2: Automatic Deletion of ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B

If you’re unable to remove ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B completely from your system manually, you can remove ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B from your PC using automatic ransom:Win32/Exxroute.B scanner. It removes Trojan viruses from your PC automatically so that you don’t need to put too much effort. It will be very helpful for keeping your PC and data safe from Trojan viruses. Only you need to install this tool and follow user’s guideline.

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