Remove RDN/Generic.osx Completely : Quick Steps to Remove RDN/Generic.osx

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RDN/Generic.osx is considered as a dangerous threat which is a type of trojan, designed to create havoc in the system. This nasty threat is recently detected by malware researcher and claimed to be one of the most terrible PC infection. It is one of those threat which can be harmless as displaying annoying message or as roguish as disabling your system. Like mots of its family member, this trojan also has the ability to pierce the security software and infect your PC. The primary objective of cyber criminals who develop this trojan is to run malicious activities in your computer and steal your confidential data to gain profit by utilizing it illegally. Victim has no idea about the existence of this threat, they only recognize it when the antivirus display alert message. Remove it immediately because there is no reason to have it in your PC.


Different antivirus detect RDN/Generic.osx with different name but unfortunately rarely they success in its complete removal. It is also known by these aliases:

  • RDN/Generic.hra!f
  • Generic30.BZTH
  • Worm.Generic.418701
  • Trojan.Win32.Agent

Once the trojan get installed in your system, it drop it executable in the startup registry. Through this way it can get automated start whenever the victim start PC. According to security experts, RDN/Generic.osx creates the following files in the infected system:

  • %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\GoogleUpdater\cmss.exe
  • %SystemDrive%\Users\Mike-vicky\AppData\Local\Temp\
  • %WINDIR%\system32\windowsoffice\office\OfficePlayer.exe
  • %TEMP%\tmp0f6f4cde\MemScan.exe
  • %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\dvmb.exe
  • %SystemDrive%\wina\ax.exe

Harmful consequence of RDN/Generic.osx

Threats like RDN/Generic.osx are a malicious program which disrupt the functioning of your computer as well as arise other serious issue. Upon successful installation, it will display several kind of annoying alert message on your screen such as blue screen of death which force you to restart your computer again and again. Apart form that, it can also delete some of your important files and folders. This nasty threat will install some other unwanted program in your system without your imprimatur. These unwanted program not only slow PC performance but also cause serious damage. In addition, it modify your system settings and also make you unable to use important functions of your system.

RDN/Generic.osx exploit privacy and steal data

The severe strain about RDN/Generic.osx is really dangerous. It connect your computer with remote server which is operated by criminals. So once your system get connected with remote server then criminals will take over it. They can steal your private as well as confidential data. Apart from that the trojan also receive and execute instructions of criminals. It will delete some essential app or file, drop other unwanted program and disable your system security. Being a PC user you never want to let these happen in your system. So if you want to protect your data and system then remove RDN/Generic.osx now.

How RDN/Generic.osx get on my system?

RDN/Generic.osx can invade into your computer in different ways. Some of the common distribution methods of the trojan are given below:

  • Spam email attachments and questionable sites
  • Infected external media like pen drive, DVD, and memory card
  • Via fake software update which trick to install it
  • Through fake virus removal software
  • Infected file sharing network


Remove RDN/Generic.osx from your PC

As discussed above, RDN/Generic.osx is a harmful program which destroy your PC. If your computer is also infected and you want to get rid of it then you can follow the following manual steps :

Step 1 : Restart your PC to Safe Mode with Networking

For Windows 7, XP and Vista

  • Click on Start button and click Shutdown button.
  • After that click on Restart then click OK.
  • Start pressing the F8 key once your PC become active.
  • It launch the Advanced Boot Options window.

For Windows 10 / Windows 8

  • Press Power button at the Windows login screen.
  • Then press and hold the Shift key, and click Restart
  • Select Troubleshoot then Advanced options and Startup Settings
  • After that press on restart and let your system active
  • Now, select Enable Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 2 : Remove RDN/Generic.osx and related files

  • Close all programs and select control panel from start list
  • Now choose uninstall a program and features option
  • You will get all the installed program here
  • Find and Locate RDN/Generic.osx related program
  • Then click on the uninstall button

If you still notice the threat in your system even after using the manual removal process the don’t worry. You can use the Free-scanner which remove RDN/Generic.osx completely form your infected system.


User Guide For Free Scanner Tool

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