How to Remove [email protected] Virus Completely

How to Remove [email protected] Virus Completely
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Hi everyone, I am using Windows Vista computer which gets infected with [email protected] ransomware virus. It has encrypted all data files stored in my hard drive and now asking for a huge ransom. I don’t know what to do guys, please help me.

[email protected] is a typical file encrypting malware infection which comes under the category of Ransomware virus. Programmed by the professional cyber criminals, the prior motive of this nasty infection is to blackmail the users in order to extort a huge amount of money from users pocket. It is such a nasty PC threats that encrypt all kind of personal data including files, folders, documents, videos, music, etc. found on the compromised PC and disable the users to access or process his own files. It is such a nasty bit of threat that creates a sense of emergency and tries to threaten the users in order to get the desired money easily. As like other ransomware virus, [email protected] also renames your files with adding a strange extension in it and makes your files completely inaccessible. Well, it several other issues into the victimized computer system and is able to make your computer completely useless. However, it is suggested the users to don’t pay the ransom money to [email protected] and instead try removing this catastrophic infection completely from your PC.

[email protected] is been programmed in such a vicious manner that it can infiltrates into the targeted PC quite stealthily and does not even requires users permission in order to execute itself. Moreover, after encrypting all the files then it ask the users pay a huge amount of money as ransom in order to recover all the encrypted files. It tries to convince the users that a unique decryption key is been generates for the infected computer and it will be deleted automatically if you don’t pay the ransom in given time. Meanwhile, it set a deadline for paying money and threaten the users if money will not be paid then your files will remains locked forever. However, users can not trust this nasty ransomware program as being a malware infection it may not decrypt your files even after paying the ransom money. Well, the only reliable way to regain the access of your lost data is to remove this nasty threat completely from your PC. Therefore, it is recommended to the users to get rid of [email protected] ransomware virus as soon as possible on your Windows computer system and make your system safe as well as protected.

Scan Your PC To Remove [email protected]

About [email protected] Virus

  • Name :- [email protected]
  • Category :- Ransomware
  • Symptoms :- Encrypts all data files, threaten the users, locks system screen, ask the users to pay ransom.
  • Distribution Method :- Via Exploit kits or downloader Trojans.
  • Danger Level :- Very High.
  • Removal :- Complicated.

How [email protected] Invades in your PC

  • Via spam emails.
  • Bundles with freeware.
  • While sharing p2p network.
  • Due to using infected media drives.
  • From social media platforms or other malcious sites.
  • Due to clicking unknown links.

How to Remove [email protected] From PC

Well, no matter how dangerous [email protected] ransomware virus is but still with right technique are awareness it is possible to get rid of this nasty malware infection. If you are technically good and have deal with malware in past as well then you can remove this hazardous infection manually but if you are a newbie then you should directly for Free Scanner Tool.

Remove [email protected] Manually from Windows Vista

Step 1 – Open PC in Safe Mode

  • Restart your system and keep pressing “F8” to open Boot Menu.
  • Now Click on “Safe Mode With Networking”.

Step 2 – Kill Malicious Process from Task Manager

  • Press Alt + Ctrl + Del” key at once to “Windows Task Manager” by pressing “.
  • Now, hit the “Processes”, tab.
  • Find all the process related with [email protected] running on your PC.
  • In the end tap on “End Task”.

Step 3 – Uninstall [email protected] from Control Panel

  • Go to your “Start” button or “Windows” logo.
  • Now click on the “Control Panel” option.
  • Open “Uninstall a Program” Windows.
  • Find and select the [email protected] ransomware virus in your program files.
  • Make a right click and then uninstall it from your system.
  • Wait for the process to end.
  • Finally restart your system.

Well, in case if the manual removal method fails then in such situation you will have no other option but to make use of Free Scanner Tool. It is an ultimate solution to remove all kinds of nasty threats and viruses from infected computer system. It is quick, effective and very easy to use tool which can easily remove all kinds of nasty threats and virus from your system including [email protected] ransomware virus. The best thing about this amazing utility that it remove this nasty infection is a very safe and hassle free manner.

User Guide – How To Use Automatic Scanner

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