How to Remove SecretSystem Ransomware From PC

How to Remove SecretSystem Ransomware From PC
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SecretSystem Ransomware

A new ransom-virus namely SecretSystem Ransomware detected by security researchers on May 13th, 2017. Till dated SecretSystem ransom-virus already infected thousand of PCs across globe and is capable to affect all Windows computer. This very harmful threats is also known as Ransomeware_Final virus. Basically SecretSystem ransom-virus gets inside your PC via opening corrupted documents downloaded from a spam email. On initial inspection SecretSystem Ransomware seem to be related to users from Russian Federation, Western Europe and North America. The threats poses the same characteristics and work similar to Comrade Circle Ransomware and it is believed that SecretSystem ransom-virus borrow code from JohnyCryptor Ransomware. On deep analysis security researchers reveals that SecretSystem ransom-virus is standalone project or it’s the work of joined efforts of various ransomware authors.

As soon as SecretSystem Ransomware comes inside the PC, it hides itself deeply and after executed successfully starts performing its harmful activities. It run two program as ‘Ransomeware.exe’ and ‘SecretSystem.exe’ onto the compromised machines and after it completely executed shock computer user by showing a lock screen that resembles to the ‘Windows Updates Are Being Installed’ screen. Exactly like the same message you got after approving the installation of updates from Windows Update Center. You don’t need to confused with this as it’s not a overlay generated by Windows but is used by the SecretSystem Ransom-virus in order to hide the encryption procedure. SecretSystem Ransomware shows a full-screen window that’s colored in blue having a spinning animation that offers the following message onto PC screen:


'Windows is working on updates

wait till complete

Don't turn off your computer, this will take a while'

SecretSystem lock screen restrict victims to access the desktop by disabling the keyboard shortcuts and it continues till encryption process gets completed. SecretSystem Ransomware is designed to encipher most common data containers that is associated with family photos, music, videos, work-related documents and archives. The computer files having below mentioned files extension are likely to be targeted:-

.3gp, .ahok, .apk, wav, .wma, .wmv, .asp, .encrypt, .flac, .html, .jpeg, .jpg, .MOV, .mov, .aspx, .avi,.doc, .docx, .psd, .rar, .raw, .txt, . .xls, .mp3, .mp4, .php, .png, .ppt, .pptx, .xlsx, .zip.

Now after you are unable to access those computer files. It appends ‘.slvpawned’ suffix, positioned at the end of the encrypted filename and make them inaccessible. Following successful encryption process SecretSystem Ransomware show the ransom notification as a program window notifying about current situation and asked victims to pay 500 USD via Bitcoins in order to recover the decryption key. The ransom-note reads as follows:-

‘All Your Files are Encrypted by SecretSystem

If you want to decrypt your files follow this simple steps:

1.) Create BitcoinWallet

2.) Buy Bitcoins worth of $500

3.) Send $500 in BitCoin to Given Address

4.) Go to and Enter your Personal Id

5.) You will get your Decryption Key

6.) Enter it in Given Box and Click on Decrypt

7.) Restart your Computer and Delete any encrypted file you find

If you Close me you will loose all Your Files.

Contact Me :[email protected]

Paying the demanded amount to cyber criminals or contacting to cyber crooks via [email protected]’ doesn’t going to help you. In spite you are strongly advised to make use of Free Scanner that’s the ultimate and free guidance to remove SecretSystem Ransomware from PC.

Manual Step to Remove SecretSystem Ransomware From PC

Step 1 : Remove malicious registry from Registry editor

  1. Open Run window by Pressing Windows + R Keys together
  2. Now, Type regedit >> press enter.
  3. All harmful registry files related shown here.
  4. Delete them to get rid of SecretSystem Ransomware

Step 2 : Stop malicious process From Task Manager

  1. Press Windows + R button together.
  2. A run box will launch on your screen
  3. Now type “taskmgr” in run box
  4. After that click on OK button.
  5. In the Process tab and select malicious process
  6. Click on End process tab

Step 3 : Remove SecretSystem Ransomware via control panel

  1. Click on Start menu >> Control Panel
  2. Now go to programs option
  3. Click on Uninstall a Program.
  4. Search for ransomware related files
  5. Select the suspicious program and click Uninstall/Change
  6. Click OK to save the changes.

Hope you have successfully eliminated SecretSystem Ransomware from PC going the above mentioned step but in case you are still facing the same issues then need not to worry as Free Scanner is there making use of which you can easily get rid of SecretSystem ransom-virus.

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