Remove Simple_Encoder Ransomware From Your PC

Remove Simple_Encoder Ransomware From Your PC
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Does your file has been encrypted by Simple_Encoder Ransomware? Are you unable to open any of the stored files? Are you getting continuously redirect of browser to another sites? Do you want to know how to get rid of Simple_Encoder Ransomware? If your answer is yes then Read the post carefully. This post will give you all information about this infection.


Simple_Encoder Ransomware is a malevolent ransom virus which is designed by cyber criminals. The main purpose of this ransom virus is to encrypt the user’s files and force user to buy decryption key. It encrypts all stored files including word, excel, powerpoint, images, PDF, videos, audios etc. This ransom virus scare the users by claiming that you disobey the law by watching pornography sites, adult sites etc. This malicious infection generate some fake warning, messages and notification like if you don’t pay ransom amount within 48 hours then you lost your files for forever. It demands ransom according to the volume of data. If you try to access the encrypted files then this threat will show warning messages like you have to buy a decryption key in order to decrypt files.

Simple_Encoder Ransomware invades into your system via attachment of spam mails, downloading of freeware products, download torrent files, clicking on ads and many more. Once process of infiltration of Simple_Encoder Ransomware is completed then it modifies Windows registry and add malicious files to run at start up process for confusing the user by displaying a message on desktop icons saying “Your System has been Blocked”. It encrypts all the stored files on the computer and demand ransom money in the form of bitcoins. The best way to deal with ransom virus is to eliminate it from the system and restore the files using backup.

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How Simple_Encoder Ransomware infiltrate in your system

Via peer-to-peer : Whenever you sharing files using peer-to-peer methods over network, this virus get chance to enter in your system.

Spam mails: Whenever you open mails from unknown source then it also infiltrates in your system. These spam mails contain malicious codes which will cause many damage in your system.

Visiting suspicious sites: There are many users who visiting some suspicious sites like pornography and open back door for this ransom virus.

Downloading freeware: If you will download some products from malicious links, update notifications etc then it will also open back doors for several another threat.

Symptoms of Simple_Encoder Ransomware

  • Redirected search engine to unknown pages or websites.
  • Users are not able to open some of their important files.
  • You will notice some additional icons are displayed on desktop.
  • Some unwanted program are also automatically installed without user’s permission.
  • Bombard of advertisements while surfing internet.

Harmful effects of Simple_Encoder Ransomware

  • Encrypt stored files on your system.
  • Degrade the system performance.
  • It steal vital and confidential information.
  • It corrupts routine applications.
  • It allows several another threat to enter in your PC.

Remove Simple_Encoder Ransomware From Your PC

Manual method to fix Simple_Encoder Ransomware

Method 1: Safe mode with networking

  1. Restart your PC while closing all files.
  2. Open boot menu by pressing F8 button.
  3. In boot menu three options are displayed.
  • Safe mode
  • Safe Mode with networking
  • Safe Mode with command prompt.

4. Choose Safe Mode with networking option and hit Enter button.

Method 2: Remove Simple_Encoder Ransomware from Control Panel

  • Click on start button
  • Type control panel on search tab.
  • Choose Uninstall a program.
  • Various program will appear on the list, you have to select malicious one and click on Uninstall button.

Method 3: Remove Simple_Encoder Ransomware From Window Registry

  • Open run tab by pressing Window+R button.
  • Type “regedit” on run tab and click OK.
  • Select all malicious virus and remove them.

Method 4: Remove Simple_Encoder Ransomware From Task manager

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously to open Task Manager.
  • Windows Task Manager will appear on your computer screen.
  • Open process tab to see all running process.
  • Select the malicious process and click on End Process button.

Automatic Removal Guide

If you think manual method is not good solution to remove this threat, then use Automatic Recovery Tool. It is very effective tools to remove all type of virus. For further instruction click on user guide.

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