How to Remove SmartRansom Ransomware From PC

How to Remove SmartRansom Ransomware From PC
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Security researchers in recent time detected a new ransom-virus namely SmartRansom Ransomware that is capable to affect all Windows computer. This ransom-virus basically targeting computer users in Asian countries or speak Asian languages. Prominently SmartRansom ransom-virus affecting Chinese computer users but security analyst too confirmed it is widely spread over Internet and so computer user outside Asia are too not secure. On depth analysis researchers found that SmartRansom Ransomware turns out to be screen locker more than a file-encrypting threat. Once it completely and successfully affect the PC SmartRansom ransom-virus opens up image of an Asian woman and then after reveals the ransom message which is written in Chinese characters.

SmartRansom Ransomware

SmartRansom Ransomware

SmartRansom Ransomware is advanced ransom-virus that also includes a QR scanning code embedded in it’s ransom note. This threats was first discovered in end of May 2017 and till dated affected many computer users. Just like other ransom-virus, SmartRansom spread via malicious e-mail spam, also known as malspam. The email comes up with e-mail attachment usually in an archive (.zip, .rar, .etc) file with a luring subject line putting user in situation to open it. The email you received potrays itself as an invoice, confirmation letter or some other document that “must be opened immediately”. Soon you open the attachments its malicious payload files gets executed. In addition to spam emails, SmartRansom Ransomware may gets inside your PC via taking help of fake installers, web injectors from malicious web links that is sent through online and fake updates.

After SmartRansom Ransomware arrives inside your PC, it drops multiple types of files including malicious executable of virus, named as SmartRansom.exe. This very malicious files is responsible for reading information from infected computer, like name and GUID. After collecting the data it contacts with the following two hosts via TCP port 80:

In addition, the executables files also imports numerous .dll files that is spread among different Windows locations with single motive to create registry entries into sub-keys, like the Run and RunOnce keys. The following subkeys may be found after SmartRansom virus intrusion:-

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce

Although, SmartRansom Ransomware claims to encrypt victims computer files but aren’t able to do so. It only a screenlockers that displays warning alerts onto victims PC screen. It extracts an image that is further set as a lockscreen image named as AArI.jpg written in Chinese language which can be exited with the key combination Alt+F4. The message read as follows:-

Translated message:(From Chinese to English)


Would you like to know who am I?

I am answering, your daddy.

I have enciphered your important computer files

You want to know how to get them back?

Scan the 2D code from your screen and pay me.

I will then send you the tool for decryption.

Do not forget to write down the key from the above part of the screen In order for me to help you decrypt this.

SmartRansom Ransomware is no more than a threats that serve as means to coax out money. However, researchers also suggested that inspite the malware is unlikely to encrypt computer files, but should not be underestimated. After infecting the PC, it leaves series of API definitions onto the systems. You are suggested not to make payment to cyber criminals inspite are strongly suggested to make use of Free Scanner that’s the complete and easy solution to remove SmartRansom Ransomware from PC.

Manual Methods to Remove SmartRansom Ransomware From PC

Step 1 : Start PC in Safe Mode With Networking

For Windows 8/10

  • Go to Start” menu
  • Press Shift key >> Click on Restart.
  • Select Troubleshoot option.
  • Then Click on the Advanced Options.
  • Select Startup Settings option.
  • Select ‘Enable Safe Mode option’
  • Now click Restart.
  • Press F5 button to Enable ‘Safe Mode With Networking’.

For Windows XP/7/Vista

  • Click on Start menu
  • Click Restart button.
  • Continue pressing F8 key while your PC start booting.
  • Advance boot menu will appear onto your screen.
  • Select Safe Mode With Networking Option
  • Now press Enter.

Step 2 : Remove SmartRansom Ransomware From Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open Windows Task Manager
  • Under Windows Task Manager >> Click onto Processes Tab.
  • Search for the suspicious process >> Click on End Process.

Step 3 : Get Rid Of Malicious Entries From Windows Registry

  • Click on Windows + R key together.
  • Type “regedit” to open Windows registry.
  • Search for entries related with ransomware.
  • Click on Disable option to remove related entries.

Hope you have successfully removed SmartRansom Ransomware from the affected Windows computer but in case facing the same issues you must try Free Scanner.

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