Remove Tdata.exe Trojan From PC | Quick Removal Guide

Remove Tdata.exe Trojan From PC | Quick Removal Guide
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Hi Guys! My name is Nick, I have a laptop that is infected by some browser hijackers, I removed it by taking the help of experts but later those nasty browser hijackers appeared again. I’m tired of removing it. I believe there is some other program that is supporting those hijackers. My friends are telling that Tdata.exe might be in your PC. This all weird things may be happening only because of this trojan. But I don’t know how to find and remove it. Guys, would you like to help me?

Tdata trojan

About Tdata.exe

Tdata.exe is classified as a destructive trojan that is mainly designed to support some particular browser hijacker. In other word, Tdata.exe always takes stand for malicious process that belongs to browser hijackers. It has a goal to protect troublesome browser hijackers from getting detected by security software and from being removed by victims. Probably you know, Browser hijackers replaces your search provider and homepage/new tab links with malicious web pages. So if you are curious, you may change altered settings to default settings and try to uninstall it. But it will appear again and again because Tdata.exe trojan is capable of restoring the browser hijacker’s malicious settings in your system as many times as you remove it. It means you won’t be able to uninstall hijackers from your system until Tdata.exe exists in your system.

Scan Your PC to Remove Tdata.exe

Threat Summary

Name Tdata.exe
Class Trojan
Risk Level Severe
Symptoms Removed malware will appear continually, system file or data may get corrupted, installation of new malware without your knowledge
Distribution Freeware (free software and games), Spam emails, compromised website, USB devices
Description Designed to protect malicious programs from being permanently removed, to install malware, to read, write or modify system files and registry
Affected OS Windows OS (All version)

How to prevent your PC from getting infected with Tdata.exe?

Yeah, this the right and important question. It might help to prevent your PC from this infection. Read this paragraph carefully and follow it in your daily life. Tdata.exe can invade your PC primarily:

  • From Freeware (free software or game) that integrate the malicious source code of Tdata.exe with its installer so you need to make sure that either they do not allow or they allow any hidden installation to get installed in your PC. So it’s necessary to thoroughly read related EULA. If you find something wrong go though “custom installation” from “advanced” Tab and block malware.

  • From compromised websites where you may see security alerts and suggestions to install fake update or system tool. Do not install them. That might be a trap to infect your PC.

  • Via spam emails that may be sent by a malicious Botnet. This type of email may contain harmful executable code or links. If you know nothing about email sender, it’s better to delete immediately.

  • From infected USB devices and Torrent both may have malicious code hidden inside miscellaneous file, so do not forget to scan before using it in your PC.

How to Remove Tdata.exe?

You can remove Tdata.exe either manually or automatically. These two methods are given below. Kindly read it carefully before applying it in your PC

Manual Removal Method: To Remove Tdata.exe

Step 1 : Remove suspicious and unwanted browser add-ons, toolbars, plug in and extensions:

Google Chrome

  • Firstly launch Google Chrome

  • In the address bar, type chrome://settings/

  • Next click on the Extensions tab.

  • Now find associated Tdata.exe and other suspicious extension and then tap the delete icon.

  • Finally at last reset homepage and search engine.

Step 2 : Remove all the related files from Operating System

Windows OS (All Versions)

  • First of all click Start.

  • Now in the menu choose Control Panel

  • After that choose Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program

  • Next find Tdata.exe associated files

  • Finally at last tap Remove button.

Step 3: Implement the below discussed steps for deleting the associated Registry entries by Tdata.exe

  • First of all while in the desktop view, press Window’s icon and R.

  • Now it will open The Run window and type ‘regedit’.

  • Next it will open the Registry Editor window. Here one would need to locate and delete all the registry items associated to this nasty Trojan virus.

  • After that go to File<Click Export.

  • Save the file in c:\ as regbackup. Now tap save.

  • Then go to Edit< find< Type Tdata.exe

  • Further press F3 to search

  • Once an item get found, read in order to make sure that it is a link to that program.

  • After that press delete to eliminate it.

  • Finally at last continue press F3 and delete items pertaining to the program, until all the links got done.

Step 4: Now restart your PC to see the changes

Automatic Removal Method: To Remove Tdata.exe

If you are not comfortable with the manual process and want to remove Tdata.exe permanently then you can use ‘Free Scanner Tool‘. It has been proven that it’s been programmed with numerous powerful algorithmic skills so that it can eliminate almost every type of malware infections from your PC. click here to follow user’s guide.

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