Remove Redirect Virus completely |Removal Guide

Remove Redirect Virus completely |Removal Guide
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Hi there! Last night, I installed a freeware program in my PC and then I restarted the PC and connected it to the internet. I started searching my queries and what I saw, I just can’t believe. My all search requests were being redirected to malicious web pages that was full of online advertisements and they were suggesting me download tools and security software. My every web pages were injected with online advertisements. I’m still facing this problem and getting redirected by Redirect Virus. What should I do? How to remove Redirect Virus? Help me please! Redirect Virus

About Redirect Virus Redirect Virus is categorized as a redirect vermin, is used to gain a huge web traffic to its compromised/sponsored websites. They hijack victim’s all browsers and redirect their all search requests to its sponsored websites that may be malicious or commercial website. It is used to monitor victim’s browsing activities and collect their confidential informations silently. Redirect Virus promotes other malware programs and compromised website as well. You may be thinking why and who are doing this? Yeah, that’s a right question. Primarily this redirect vermin is being spread all over the wold by cyber criminals for their own personal benefits. They do these all things to earn easy money. They follow a simple equation: more victims +more ads =more money. It can infect Windows OS and Mac OS as well. Once your PC is infected it won’t enjoy your online moments. It will bring problems and more every single day. It doesn’t care whether your getting irritated or enjoying by those online ads, it is programmed to consume your internet data and use it for loading ads as banners, coupons, pop up, message boxes etc.

Scan Your PC To Remove Redirect Virus

Common problems that are caused by Redirect Virus

  • Infiltration of spyware, trojan or ransomware in your PC

  • Internet disconnection and browsers freeze up

  • System performance and internet speed degradation

  • Abnormal behaviour like automatic restart and shutdown

  • Unwanted notification and security alerts

How does it infiltrate your PC? Redirect Virus infiltrates your PC primarily from freeware program and compromised website and via spam emails as well. Hackers are using some other techniques like peer to peer networks, Internet Relay Chat and USB devices to infect users PC immediately.

How to prevent your PC from getting infected next time ?

You can prevent your PC from getting infected by Redirect Virus, you just need to be careful while using your PC. Do not install freeware program without reading End User License Agreement and confirm every steps very carefully while installing it in your PC. Do not give a damn to fake security alerts and warning or updates which you see while visiting websites. They are just traps to trick you to open and install malicious programs in your PC. So that they can obtain access to your PC. If you know nothing about spam email sender, just delete those emails or move ot to trash folder. Do not open that without verifying first. Be careful while using other facilities as well. If you do so your PC will be safe from Redirect Virus.

You can remove Redirect Virus in two ways, either manually or automatically.

Method 1: Manual removal of Redirect Virus

Uninstall Redirect Virus from Control Panel:

For Windows XP users:

  • Click start

  • In the main menu choose control panel

  • Choose add/remove programs

  • Find Redirect Virus related entries

  • Click remove Button

For windows 8 Users:

  • Right click on the bottom left corner of the screen on desktop

  • In the main menu choose Control panel

  • Click Uninstall a program under programs and features

  • Locate Redirect Virus or other related program

  • Click Uninstall Button

  • Wait until Uninstall process is complete

For windows 7 users:

  • Click Start and choose Control Panel

  • Choose programs and features and uninstall a program

  • In the list of installed programs find Redirect Virus

  • Click Uninstall button

Remove Redirect Virus from your Browsers:

From Internet Explorer:

  • In the main menu choose the manage add-ons

  • Select Toolbar and Extension tab

  • Choose Redirect Virus or other related program

  • Click Disable button

From Google Chrome:

  • Start Google Chrome

  • In the address bar type chrome://extensions/

  • In the list of add-ons find Redirect Virus and click bin icon

  • Confirm Redirect Virus removal

From Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Firefox

  • In the address bar type about:add-ons

  • Click Extensions tab

  • In the list of Extensions tab

  • In the list of extension locate Redirect Virus

  • Click Remove button near it

Method 2: Automatic removal of Redirect Virus

If you are unable to remove Redirect Virus manually, you can remove it from free Redirect Virus Scanner Tool. This tool is very safe for removing Redirect Virus from your system. This tool is very powerful, It will help you to remove all malicious programs from your infected system immediately. Click here to follow user’s guide


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