Remove Trident File Locker Before Files Get Encrypted

Remove Trident File Locker Before Files Get Encrypted
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A new encryption Toolbar name Trident File Locker is using for securing the data. It is powerful toll which criminals can use for numerous malicious action. This toolbar is a quite good for the hacker who want to earn the money. As the report say that this encryption toolbar can be used for locking the files and if got in the wrong hand then it will be the worst for the Windows system. One thing you must know that this Trident File Locker uses for legitimate purpose and it’s very essential that this can protect your online data and make it safe and secure. The toolbar is packed is packed in RAR or ZIP files with three more files which is :

  1. Trident File Locker_x64.exe
  2. Ionic.Zip.dll
  3. – HackTool.url

These three file will be install when you install this Trident File Locker on your system. As the report of the Security researchers, as they have observed some sort of malicious activity on the Dark Web, which are point toward this Trident File Locker. A message comes out from the Dark Web which inform this message :english_download

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This message make the security experts clear that some cyber crook have just released this Trident File Locker, an a message which look like a Ransom note ( sort of). As it’s been clarified that if this Locker Toolbar will get in wrong hand then it will be worst situation for the Windows user. This File Locker can be turn into a new ransomware or being use a ransomware threat, which need a password for decryption. As being use as a legitimate tool this is possible that the cyber crooks can easily use this as to encrypt files, which can be similar to encrypting a file using RSA or AES encryption algorithm.

Once it became a ransomware all the function will turn as similar as a ransomware virus act on the infected system. Trident File Locker get the ability to infect almost all file formats, including documents, photos, files, databases and other files related to the programs that are used frequently. This will make the system files are completely inaccessible by encrypting files using a unique encryption method.


Which means that this malicious application can encrypt most infected system files. While it may not be possible to recover all files are encrypted once using this Ransomware, although users must remove this malicious virus encryption to prevent more serious security problems. Run many dangerous and unethical tasks in the background completely block your computer and make all files are unstable. Then reports how your computer has been blocked and have to pay some money to unlock the system files and the PC. This is the kidnapper scam designed to steal your confidential data and control your computer system. Which is why you must remove this Trident File Locker from the system.

Step 1:- Method To Uninstall Ransomware With Safe Mode With Networking

  • Just Press the Power button of your Windows login Screen.
  • And press and hold Shift from your keyboard. Then restart your system.
  • Then after select Troubleshoot → Advanced options → Startup Settings and finally press Restart.
  • Once Windows become active, choose Enable Safe Mode With Networking in your Startup Setting. Windows.

Step 2 :End Process Through Task Manager

  • By pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del keys together open the Windows Task Manger.
  • You can also open task manager through Start > Run and type taskmgr.
  • After opening Task Manger move to process tab.
  • Now choose the executable processes
  • And then hit on End Process button to stop the all running processes.

Step 3 – Remove Ransomware from Windows Registry.

  • Type “regedit” in command prompt to open registry.
  • Once open >> find out the all corrupt registry entities
  • And then delete all fake security software from PC


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