Remove Trojan JS:Hide-me Away from PC With Expert Help

Remove Trojan JS:Hide-me Away from PC With Expert Help
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Trojan JS:Hide-me is a dangerous Trojan threat that can silently load up and based upon malicious Java script codes inside the browser to infect the whole PC. After getting inside and affecting the PC, it will execute a number of malicious actions without the notice of the PC user. It is a type of backdoor Trojan that can provide unauthorized access for the cyber criminals that can hack the infected PC due to the backdoor or loophole created by this Trojan virus. This threat can also download and upload malicious codes to allow backdoor access and handle those control to the hackers on a remote server. The created backdoor will also be used to insert malicious codes into executable files on the infected PC to execute it automatically. Furthermore, Trojan JS:Hide-me will also override crucial registry entries that may cause permanent damage to its different software or hardware utilities.

Trojan JS:Hide-me after infecting a system, it creates a folder under %ProgramFiles%\scsi manager\scsimgr.exe, where this Trojan creates various malicious files such as %ProgramFiles%\Trojan JS:Hide-me\ Trojan JS:Hide-me.dll and %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC\StateData\RacWmiEventData.dat etc. Next, it creates registry entires inside the infiltrated computer system. The normal attack life-cycle of dreaded viruses like Trojan JS:Hide-me inside a organization’s network is for 100 days. Within this time, it gets pass the defence and search or spy over the network for the required information. Once it gets inside a system, which could take minutes to hours, it will remain there for months and will keep performing its malicious works without user’s knowledge.

Scan Your PC To Remove Trojan JS:Hide-me

What May Be The Possible Consequences Of This Virus Inside An Affected PC

Following are the chief possible consequences:

  • It will modify the system’s settings.

  • It will delete important files, including registry files that will help this virus to get activated immediately after system is boot up.

  • The Trojan will drop key-loggers that will enable this virus to record keystrokes that will help its publisher to steal sensitive data.

  • Fake security alerts, pop-ups and warnings will be displayed.

  • System will face sluggish performance and unnecessary CPU overloading.

  • Software and hardware utilities may be corrupted or destroyed in the long run.

How Can This Trojan Horse Get Inside A PC

Trojan JS:Hide-me Can Infiltrate into a PC by following ways:

  • By visiting suspicious and unethical website.

  • The virus can also come by freeware installation.

  • It can come by browser redirection on unknown and malicious website.

  • The Trojan can also infiltrate into a PC due to spam e-mail attachment.

  • The Trojan has capability to replicate itself via a virus corrupted external USB drive.

How To Remove Trojan JS:Hide-me From A Computer System

As the manual removal of Trojan JS:Hide-me may be a tedious task for a novice user and may also not be much effective. It is risky too, as if there is any error during removal process, then it may corrupt a system file. It may be shown again as this Trojan has modified the settings in the registry to enable itself to activate automatically after the user reboots the system. Thus, to remove such viruses permanently, user should follow the automatic removal tool.

Following steps are followed to remove Trojan JS:Hide-me automatically.

Step 1- First download and install Trojan JS:Hide-me Removal tool, now select Scan Computer to initiate the scanning process. It will scan memory, registry entries, files and cookies. One can select custom scan to scan specific files.


Step 2- Once the scanning process is completed Trojan JS:Hide-me and related threats Found:, list of threats including Trojan JS:Hide-me and related threats Found: will be detected.


Step 3- Spyware HelpDesk: It is one of the best feature that makes this tool much more better than conventional security program. One can easily contact our support desk 24X7 for any help related Trojan JS:Hide-me and. But it is only applicable with licensed version of the program.


Step 4- System Guard: It will protect against Trojan JS:Hide-me and related threats as well as other malicious threats in future. This in-built special features can block infected process from being executed.


Step 5- Network Sentry: It will give full control on system and its settings. It helps to prevent Trojan JS:Hide-me from modifying your Internet and its DNS settings. Thus your computer will be protected from getting redirected to malicious website.


Step 6- Scan Scheduler: It is able preset a defined time through which your computer can undergo complete scan. One can select for any day of the week or month for scheduling the scan for but PC must be turned on.


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