How to Remove WannaCry Virus Ransomware From PC

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WannaCry Virus Ransomware

WannaCry Virus Ransomware

A new ransom-virus namely WannaCry Virus Ransomware has been recently detected by malware researchers that is extremely dangerous. This very ransom-virus is also known as WCry, WNCry, WannaCry, and WanaCrypt0r. According to a reports by security analyst, WannaCry Virus began affecting computers worldwide on 12 May 2017, and in little time affected thousand of Windows PCs across globe. Reports also says, till dated WannaCry Virus Ransomware infecting over 75,000 computers among 99 countries, and demand ransom payments in 20 languages. On depth analysis experts found that WannaCry Virus use EternalBlue exploit, that has been allegedly developed by the U.S. National Security Agency, in order to attack computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Some popular attack by the WannaCry ransom-virus is Telefónica and some other large companies located in Spain. Along with has targeted parts of the British National Health Service (NHS), FedEx and Deutsche Bahn. Additionally security researchers found over 1,000 computers at Russian Interior Ministry, the Russian Emergency Ministry as well as the Russian telecommunications company MegaFon, has been infected. It is spread widely over Internet and mostly it comes inside your PC through spam email or bundled with free download. Clicks to malicious links spread over social media webpage and sharing data using infected drives are counted as major intrusion methods.

Soon after coming inside the PC, WannaCry Virus Ransomware do complete scan of compromised PC to find out file liable to be encrypted. After collecting them, making use of AES and RSA encryption algorithms encrypt the victims data after which you are unable to access them. Affected computer files can be easily identified as it appends .wcryt, .wncry, .wcry, or .wncrrytt file extensions to each of encrypted files. Following sucessful encryption WannaCry Virus drops @Please Read Me@.txt named ransom note onto victim’s desktop notifiying them about current situation and asking them to make payment. Currently WannaCry demands for 300 US dollars per computer in bitcoin. Data are important anyway but you don’t need to pay to cyber criminals as you may be cheated. Inspite you are strongly recommended to make use of easy to use and reliable Free Scanner tool to get rid of WannaCry Virus Ransomware completely.

User Guide To Remove Ransomware Using Automatic Scanner

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