How To Remove Windows Defender Alert Pop-up From PC

How To Remove Windows Defender Alert Pop-up From PC
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Windows Defender Alert Pop-up

Don’t fall on the fake Windows Defender Alert Pop-up. As it is confirmed that few malicious hackers or criminal minded group have created a copies of Windows Defender program. This program will act like a Windows Defender to make you feel that your system is secure. However it is actually a virus which show serious alert about your system and may freeze the system while the pop-up message occur. This will show an alert like “Windows Defender Alert : Zeus Virus Detected In Your Computer”. However such message is fake and only intended to earn money from the sacred user. Along with this fake message numbers of pop-up windows will also appear and make the more malicious action on your system.

However the Windows Defender Alert Pop-up is not ignorable, user who are getting such alert must take an immediate action to stop it. Such kind of alert or pop-up message is categorized as Adware virus family. It also means and indicate that the system is under attack of adware virus. This can be very serious matter if not solved immediately. Also you must note one thing the fake message which appear and indicate Windows Defender Alert Pop-up is not related to Microsoft Windows Defender Program. It’s only a fake alert which use the name of Windows Defender program to make itself a genuine one and make the user believe that the message is for real.english_download

Windows Defender Alert Pop-up : Don’t Trust To The Fake Alert

On the Windows Defender Alert Pop-up a name is mentioned “Zeus Virus”, well the name is real. There is actually a harmful threat which is know and Zeus Virus, this virus fall under the Trojan category and having a serious risky notes on the infected system. But there is a relief because the message you are getting as an alert will only use the name of Zeus Virus, it will not infect your system with this harmful virus. The virus attack is such way on the system that user have to believe that their system in under risky zone. On the first attempt of this Windows Defender Alert Pop-up the system will be freeze for while and user have to force the system to restart to work again on the system.

Windows Defender Alert Pop-up in general appear as a Web page. On the message a contact number is mentioned which will provide a tech support to you, this is a fake note. The contact number is controlled by the hacker group which convince you to pay the money. Along with this pop-up message many other small pop-up windows will be appear as shown on the figure given below :

Related Pop-up Box

Removal Of Windows Defender Alert Pop-up

This pop-up will not allow you to do work on your system until you don’t forcedly restart your system. Which is why you must know the method to remove this Windows Defender Alert Pop-up from your system. The first thing you must know that when such message appear on your system and show an pop-up box you must ignore it and don’t click on the pop-up message or box. This will bring other linked threat may like Zeus Virus will be enter into your system.


Uninstall Windows Defender Alert Pop-up From Windows 7 / Vista

  • First of all click on Start Button
  • Go to Control Pane >> Click on Uninstall a Program
  • In programs and Features Window >> click on Installed On to see all recent installed software.
  • Right click on Windows Defender Alert Pop-up and other unwanted or unknown programs.
  • Finally click on Uninstall.

Get Rid Of Windows Defender Alert Pop-up Manually From Windows Registry Editor

  • At first press Windows + R button, from your keyboard together in order to open Run Window.
  • After that you have to type “regedit” and then hit Enter.
  • Once Windows Registry Editor opens, just locate malicious Windows Defender Alert Pop-up entries.
  • Delete these entries using Remove option.

Remove Windows Defender Alert Pop-up From Windows Task Manager

  • Launch Windows Task Manager on your PC by using Alt + Ctrl + Esc keys altogether.
  • Here, open Process tab from Windows Task Manager.
  • Locate harmful Windows Defender Alert Pop-up process from Process tab.
  • Finally clean those process using End Now option.
  • This will eliminate all malicious process from your system.


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