Remove WindowsActivationUpdate : Guidelines To Eliminate WindowsActivationUpdate

Remove WindowsActivationUpdate : Guidelines To Eliminate WindowsActivationUpdate
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WindowsActivationUpdate has been kept under the category of potentially unwanted program that do have capacity to spoil the entire user’s PC. Basically it is a fraudulent program designed for the purpose of deceiving the computer users and making him/her call technical support scammers. It do have tendency of penetrating silently inside the PC alongside several other program as an additional component. It on getting complete penetration inside the PC takes complete control over the entire PC. Researches proves that this infection instead of initiating vicious activities inside the PC, just deceive the users and convince them to call a fake customer support helpline number. It on getting complete installation inside the PC pretend to install an update on the computer prompting users to press the OK button. Once users press or tap the OK button, the system get automatically started. Then after that when the users login, at that time instead of showing the Windows desktop, a fake product activation screen will get displayed on the screen informing users that their Windows product key has been missed and urges the users to enter a new one and press the Active Windows button. This is basically done via modifying the Windows registry. Further it sniffs the user’s personal information and send it to the online hackers for bad purpose.

Penetration Method Of WindowsActivationUpdate :

  1. By downloading freeware and shareware from several unfamiliar domain.
  2. By accessing spam emails and opening it’s infectious attachments.
  3. By making use of infectious USB drives to transfer data to and from computer system.
  4. By running older or outdated version of firewall and security programs in the computer system.
  5. By paying visit to several pornographic websites.
  6. By clicking several suspicious advertisements programs flickering onto the browsing screen while surfing.
  7. By unauthenticated file sharing.
  8. By installing pirated softwares and playing online games.
  9. By updating OS installed in the PC on an irregular basis.

Scan Your PC To Remove WindowsActivationUpdate

Dangerous Consequences Of WindowsActivationUpdate :

  1. It lurk secretly inside the PC without seeking the user’s approval.
  2. It bombards the browser’s screen with unstoppable pop-up ads.
  3. It modifies the preset system settings as well as the browser’s settings.
  4. WindowsActivationUpdate reroutes the user’s searches to several malicious domain which may contain more malware infections.
  5. It sniffs the user’s personal information and reveal it to the online hackers for commercial purpose.
  6. It slows down the PC’s speed badly by making use of large amount of system space.
  7. It downloads and installs various other vicious programs inside the PC.
  8. It prevents the users from accessing several legitimate programs.

Thus to stay away from all such undesired modification and redirection issues, an urgent termination of WindowsActivationUpdate is needed. Considering that purpose it is suggested to execute the manual instructions listed below since experiences shows that via implementation one can easily and quickly eliminate almost every type of malware infections from the PC.

Manual Method Of WindowsActivationUpdate :

Step 1 : Remove WindowsActivationUpdate from Control Panel

Windows 10 :

  • Firstly drag the mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen. Then after that from the list, select Search and then search for ‘Control Panel’.


  • One can also right click on the bottom left corner of the screen on desktop and can select Control Panel from there.


  • Now after generation of Uninstall a Program screen, seek and search for WindowsActivationUpdate and then tap Uninstall.


  • Further wait until the Uninstall process gets completed and then choose Control Panel Window.

Step 2 : Eliminate WindowsActivationUpdate from web browser

Removal From Opera

  • Tap on the customize and control Opera button present in the left part of Window and then make selection of Extensions manager in the drop down.

Click on customize and contorl opera

  • Now find vicious extension on the list and then after that tap on Disable button. This will definitely eliminate all the undesired item from the list.


  • Next click on Customize and Control Opera icon again and make selection of settings.


  • After that go on to Startup under setting and select the radio button for opening a specific page or set of pages option and tap on Set pages link.


  • Further on Startup pages, dialog pop-up appears. This will find out the undesired entry and then tap on the X button to right. Along with this enter preferred start page and tap OK.


  • Now proceed to Search section under settings and make selection of the preferred search engine from the list.


Reset Opera Browser To It’s Default

  • First of all click on Customize and Control Opera and then select settings.


  • Now after that select Privacy and Security option and then tap on to the clear browsing data button.

step-2reset opera

  • Next a dialog pop-up will appear. Here user need to ensure that all the checkboxes have been deactivated. Now select the beginning of time in drop-down list and tap on to clear browsing data at the bottom.

step-3reset opera

  • Finally at last after the completion of the resetting procedure, test the browser to check whether all the things are working fine and whether the virus is removed.

Hopefully the above discussed instructions will work out in uninstalling the malicious threat from the PC but while executing them, it is advised to pay close attention of elimination process since sometimes carelessness in this phase results in system crashes. Therefore to remove WindowsActivationUpdate efficiently from the PC in an easy and safe manner it is strongly recommended to make use of Free Scanner Tool. This tool has been labeled highly potent. It do have a very easy and convenient user-interface. It being embedded with numerous applicable and enhance programming sills scans the PC deeply and traces the exact locations of even those infection whose locations are quite difficult to trace. Furthermore it in order to provide an overall protection to the PC locks it’s front gate.

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