Remove : Easily Remove From PC

Remove : Easily Remove From PC
5 (100%) 2 votes is nasty site which should not be trusted. This site will show fake alert about the system and ask the user to call technical supporters. The screen shot of the website make it clear how it so the bogus message on the system. The designers who have designed this nasty web sites have put the legitimate warning on it’s site which is used as a background to show user fake message. This domain will continuously appear on the web browser until you not restart your system. However it is prove that the message shown on the web site is fake then you should not pay any attention to it. But yes, you should also not let this virus appear on the system.Thus you must remove from the web browser. To do this you must follow the given steps or can use Free Scanner Tool for quick removal.english_download

This browser hijacker virus browsers an incorporate services like the Google Safebrowsing. will also browser fake service on the Mozilla Phishing Protection. Thus due to which you will not use your web browser in proper way. A dialog box will always appear on the web site which share some information which shows you a warning. However on this warning a tech supporters number is also mentioned which claim to give some help.. well it’s not true once you make call to given number the hacker from the other side will make you feel that the system is really in danger. They will also make you fool to earn money. Well the pop-up message is given below …. if you see this kind of message immediatley apply Free Scanner Tool to get protected and also to remove

**Do not ignore this windows alert**

Please call us immediately at 1800-941-033 (Toll free)

If you dose this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.

Your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a trojan and spyware. The following information is being stolen…

1. Facebook Login

2. Credit Card Details

3. Email Account Login

4.Photos stored & saved on this computer

You must contact us immediately so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone. Please call us within the next 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled. Please call us immediately: 1800-941-033 (Toll free)

**Do not ignore this windows alert**


Hackers can say that warnings are legitimate and need to subscribe to premium technical support program To remove the “virus” on your computer. Security experts advise computer users to be vigilant and pay attention to the details of the notification of their safety. PC users who have problems with this site may be willing to install anti-spyware tool trusted domains that can block phishing and prevent bad JavaScript loaded. Researchers have come to have more than a few clones registered IP address, which comprises:

  • networkprivacyreport[.]xyz
  • winblockedinfo[.]xyz
  • winblockedreport[.]xyz
  • wincrashalert[.]xyz
  • wincrashalertinfo[.]xyz
  • winkeyalertinfo[.]xyz
  • winkeycrashalert[.]xyz
  • winkeyexpireinfo[.]xyz

This why you must remove from the compromised system. However it can be removed in two methods one by manually and other by using Free Scanner Tool. The manual step is too lengthy and need computer skill to remove. But when you apply the Free Scanner Tool it will automatically scan the system to detect this kind of threat and easily remove it.

Remove plug-in From Web Browser :

Remove From Google Chrome

  • Open Google chrome and click on the menu button.
  • Go to browser tool-bar and click on Tools.
  • Then select Extensions and Click the trash can icon.
  • Remove all the unwanted extensions
  • In the confirmation dialog box, click Remove.

Remove From Internet Explorer

  • Open IE and click on the Tools button.
  • After that click on Manage add-ons.
  • Click Tool-bars and Extensions
  • Remove all extension you do not know.
  • If unable to delete the add-on then click Disable button.

Remove From Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the menu button and select Add-ons.
  • It will open the Add-ons Manager.
  • From Add-ons Manager tab, choose the Extensions panel.
  • Make sure to remove all the suspicious extensions .
  • Click on disable or remove button
  • Then, Click on Restart now if it pops up.

Disable running processes on Windows Task Manager.

  • Activate Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together.
  • Now from the processes tab, detect all the associated processes of the infection
  • Then right click on the End Process button in order to terminate them totally.

Uninstall related programs from the computer system.

  • First of all click on Start button and then tap Control Panel.
  • Now click Program and then click on Uninstall a Program.
  • Further from Program and Features, locate the associated programs of the browser hijacker from the application list
  • Then locate the related programs.
  • After that click Uninstall button to eliminate them.
  • At last confirm the uninstall request and then follow the wizard for completing the removal.


User Guide – How To Use Automatic Scanner

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