Remove WINWB.EXE : Easy Manual Steps To Remove WINWB.EXE

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WINWB.EXE is a executable files, which is categorized as an adware program. This executable file is digitally signed by “Web Bar Media”. This adware program sounds surprisingly similar to some useful services, it can be harmful and numerous of advertisements will be published on system whether user want to or not. This program is very destructive as they can interfere with your online activities, jeopardizing your privacy and exposing your system to other forms of PUP and harmful threats. A malicious program can be installed by downloading and installing free software from an unreliable source without care. After getting the malware inside it changes the browser settings, security settings, default system search engine and so on. It will use system resources to degrade the performance of your computer as well as internet speed as well. So without making any delay, quickly remove WINWB.EXE from personal system.english_download

Infection is the identity theft functionality, it means having the ability to track your browsing habits and uses your personal information without your consent. On the other hand, it will disable installed security programs such as disable antivirus programs and firewalls, so it is easy to bypass detection and not be easily removed from the system. It is basically to guide machine to collect all relevant information and other financial details. WINWB.EXE will also slow down the system and internet speed. In addition, it allows you to change your point of view, which leads to further irritation and annoyance for users. Here you will end up with the biggest problems and damage to the system.

Once this adware program get installed into your system it will create a search taskbar on your desktop like this :


Different anti-virus have detected this adware program with different names, means if you think it will infect your system with same names then you are wrong. That’s why we recommend you to remove WINWB.EXE from the system by using Free Scanner Tool.


This tool is also use as real time protecting system, means when any malware want to invade your privacy this tool will not allow them to do so. Many harmful effects is done on the compromised system, starting from changing browser settings, and getting installed to system. It will add more files on %AppData% folder, well you can check the files which is installed in C/ drive under program files.

How To Remove WINWB.EXE Manually ??

Manual step need some computer knowledge, so if you are comfortable wit it then only use manual steps. However instead of wasting time on manual step you can switch to Automatic Removal Tool. You know that WINWB.EXE is very vicious for the computer system if stay for long time. That is to install the system as a browser extension that will display advertising posters, pop-up ads and annoying advertisements. Unfortunately, some free software downloads are not properly disclosed that will also be installed in other applications and you may have installed an unpleasant adware program on your browser without your knowledge. Therefore immediately remove WINWB.EXE from system.

Remove from control panel

  • From your screen click on start button and select control panel
  • Then move to the program menu and select Uninstall a program
  • Now select all the suspicious and unwanted programs
  • After selecting click on the Uninstall or remove button

From Internet Explorer (IE)

  • Open Internet Explorer >> Click on the Gear icon.
  • choose Manage Add-ons.
  • Look for suspicious plugins.
  • Disable these entries clicking Disable.

Change Homepage if altered by virus:

  • Click on the gear icon (menu) >> Select Internet Options.
  • From General tab, remove malicious URL.
  • Enter preferable domain name.
  • Click Apply to save changes.

Reset Internet Explorer

  • Click on the gear icon (menu) again.
  • Select Internet options >> Go to Advanced tab.
  • Here, select Reset.
  • Check Delete personal settings
  • Select Reset again to complete removal.


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