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About [email protected] :

[email protected] belongs to  ransomware family that is created by criminal hackers. This terrible virus can access the information system without asking permission. Once infected, this can lock your computer files and targeted on the hard drive of the system to encrypt. Files such as video, music and photos are included. If you want that your file get decrypt or you get full access to your system, then you have to pay for hackers. [email protected] is a nightmare for users of the system


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In general, it is unknown why the virus appears [email protected] on the PC when you buy it. It ‘been shown to be one thing that can be automatically taken without consent. It is hidden in attachments to e-mail spam. If you’re curious to this email and you open it, you will be taken to download it. Also, if your PC has been suffering adware other malicious applications, such as adware, spyware, or other malware, you also get chance to get inside. Read the post to find removing step to remove [email protected]

How [email protected] Get In Personal System ?

[email protected] virus can enter your computer through many ways, among which the most important are spam email attachment and free download files and link porn sites. Sometimes, it collects the data and recordings to analyze which files are important to you, then, will encrypt these files to trick your money. In addition, it could save up efforts to encrypt all files on your PC, so that you would pay for a larger amount for them. Anything in that way, you will lose money. Once it’s here, your PC is no longer a safe place anymore. [email protected] viruses can manage your computer by making changes and adding rookit codes once inside.

There is nothing you can do to decrypt the files. [email protected] virus arrives inside your makeup PC. His hacker will send an email with the title on the banknote or banknotes. Users always think that no matter to control only about the content of this e-mail, and it is just a way to waste your time. But they are wrong. If the attachment in this e-mail is opened, you start programming this ransomware, and automatically starts to download and install on PC

Files Affected Due To [email protected] :

[email protected] is a terrible ransomware infection one of the vicious file-encryption virus. has the sole purpose of hackers to steal money from all victims. Once you enter inside the car, will encrypt almost all files stored on the hard drive, including Word documents, images, PDF etc. It is able to infect all kinds of files, such as .com, .exe, .Src, .PIF, .Html Etc … different from the simple situation that requires passwords only, that will change their extensions. If you do not know how to handle it accordingly, I will give you a letter and ask you to follow his instruction. You will, of course, be asked to pay money to exchange the freedom of your PC. some system files that are affected by .extension [email protected] are:

.odt; .accdb; .p7c; .bsa; .text; mDF; .png; .xls; .gif; .ZIP; .dll; .ppt; .avi; .pptm; .bc6; .wma; .dmp; .DayZProfile; .gho; .vtf; .p7c; .syncdb; .mcmeta; .map; .kf; .t12; .sidn; .wmo; .db0; odc; .xxx; .rtf; PST; .desc; .m2; py; .m3u; p12; .flv; crt; js; .x3f; css; .RB; .erf; .png; .dcr; .jpeg; EPS; .text; .lrf; .kdb; .das; .upk; vfs0; .iwi; .mpqge; .rar; .7z; .m4a; .p7b; .ppt; .pfx; .pem; .xlsm; cer; .xls; .der; .docm; .srw; Doc; .pef; .ptx;

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How To Remove [email protected] From System

[email protected] can change important settings of your system. And ‘possible to disable the firewall system or even crash your computer. All you can do is remove this [email protected] insidious in the shortest possible time. So very necessary to remove [email protected] from the computer system. For those programs / corrupted files, you have to give. This is because so far no one can retrieve them, but virus writers. So do not waste too much time and money for decrypting hopeless.

Moreover, this ransomware virus does not allow you to browse the Web sites and uninfected every time you start a new page to search for something, will direct you to other web pages that is not what you want. You can prevent your computer only by removing this harmful ransomware virus. To do such activities perform the given simple steps and try to remove [email protected] First we suggest you to restore your system in previous working day where the system work correctly.

STEP 1 : Restore Your Windows System To Previous Date :

Restore Window 7 :

  • Click on Start button

  • On Start Menu type System Restore in search box and then press enter

  • Now on the list find and select System Restore

  • Click on Recommended restore option

  • click on Choose a different restore point to restore your system in previous date

  • And then Click Next

Restore Windows 8 :

  • Open Charm bar of the windows 8 system

  • In the search option type restore

  • You will see the System Restore option

  • Click On the System restore option and chose the previous restore date

  • And then press enter

  • Wait until Restore process is not complete

STEP 2 : Remove From Registry Entries

  • Click On Windows and R button together to open the Search Option

  • Now type “regedit” and then click on OK button

  • And find for the infected entries and delete the following entries.



HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain “Default_Page_URL”

HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\Software\Classes\ [email protected]

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ [email protected]

[email protected] is very harmful virus or say it this is the one of the worst kind of ransomware virus. Which you should not give permission to stay in your computer system. Free Scanner Tool is one of the effective tool to stop [email protected] getting into computer system and it also prevent system from other harmful virus. We recommend you to use Free Scanner Tool to protect your PC.


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