How To Remove Zelta Ransomware From Your Windows System

How To Remove Zelta Ransomware From Your Windows System
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Zelta Ransomware

The Zelta Ransomware malware encryption is listed at the middle level in the second week of May 2017. Cyber experts show that this threat appears to be updated and edited by its predecessor. It is a type of rescue virus that has access to victim files. Images, videos, databases, and other confidential and personal information are suddenly unreadable. You can then see that all encrypted files are renamed with the “.locked extension”. The original Zelta Ransomware offered for sale in the dark web, and we could see several of the fork of the original Stampado code in the coming months. From a programmer’s perspective, not as a challenge to create file encryption software, but a distribution campaign that allows threats such as “GruxEr Ransomware and UIWIX Ransomware” to bring profits. The Cryptographic Threat of Zelta Ransomware users is distributed through spam by containing a macro enabled document that contains several commands to install it on a PC if the text allows the macro script to run.

It is highly guided not to come in contact with computer criminals and recommend not even think about paying ransom. Contacting will definitely waste time and money. The author of the Zelta Ransomware virus does not even decrypt your files after payment. It shows that the files are encrypted. The malware author said that the only way to recover that data is through decryption software or password. But to make that key, the victims must first pay ransom.english_download

Zelta Ransomware : File Encryption Method

Without paying a quote, then decrypting the files is simply impossible. The quantity required so far has not been revealed. Only advised victims to contact email at The threat to the victims is that the sooner you pay, the lower the number of files you lose. If your payment is not made within 96 hours, your files will be permanently decrypted. Zelta Ransomware Virus is designed to simply deduct money from their victims. Putting your request is to let them or tolerate these people to benefit from this mode. So it’s better to deal with them. The best solution is to recover your files at a time when they are through their backups. Zelta Ransomware and most rescue work viruses using a number of generally known methods. This virus will usually get to the target computer to serve as a malicious e-mail attachment. Some viruses can come up with a rescue package in many downloadable programs. And some of them can find out the vulnerability of the computer system. Trojan can prevent users from accessing data containers in the following formats :

File Encrypted By Zelta Ransomware

The Windows operating system interprets commands using macro scripts for direct user commands, and you can see the UAC (User Account Control) pop-up message on screen before setting Zelta Ransomware. Threat executable named, Zelta-Ransomware.exe found in infected computers. If you click OK in the User Accounts Checkup dialog, the can be installed in the Temp directory and starts immediately.

Zelta Ransomware Ransom Note


Zelta Ransomware is designed to scan a compromised data storage device with a computer’s memory and create a list of the appropriate encryption files. The next step is to generate unique 256-bit encryption keys and you can take some time to start the encoding process depending on the amount of data that is marked for encryption. Security experts say that the PC does not contain mechanisms, delayed start anti-debugging. It is not at the same level as ZekwaCrypt’s Ransomware with respect to secrecy but is as effective. Therefore as soon as possible you must remove Zelta Ransomware from the system.

Step 1 : Restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking

Click on Start button then click Shutdown button.

After that click on Restart then click OK.

Start pressing F8 key once your PC become active.

It opens the Advanced Boot Options window.

Select Safe Mode with Networking and press enter.

Step 2 : Show Hidden Files and Folder

Click organize then select folder and search option

Click on the View tab select Show hidden files and folders

Uncheck the box for Hide protected files.

Click Yes on the warning and then click OK.

Step 3 : Remove ransomware related files from control panel

Close all programs and select control panel.

Now choose uninstall a program and features option.

Here you will get all the installed program.

Find out program related to Zelta Ransomware

Click on Uninstall option to remove them


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