Rig Exploit Kit Is Now Focusing On Cryptocurrency Coinminers

Rig Exploit Kit Is Now Focusing On Cryptocurrency Coinminers
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The infamous Rig Exploit Kit is on its downfall and instead of focusing on Ransomware it is interested in Cryptocurrency Coinminers. The exploit kit was first detected in 2016 where it use to install threats on the targeted computer. The very malicious component was implicated in the distribution of trojan and ransomware. But at the end of 2016 its downfall has been reported and report unfold that it is now aiming to spread data stealing Trojans and cryptocurrency miners. However since 2017 Rig Exploit Kit was one of the most significant in the market of Exploit Kit and according to research reports it still contains vast majority of Exploit Kit traffic that is discover till now. But its downfall start dramatically and it has changed its interest.

Activity Levels Of Rig Exploit Kit And Downfall

As mentioned in 2017 Rig Exploit Kit use to distribute ransomware such as CrytoMix, CryptoShield and Spora ransomware. But in year 2018 a dramatic fall has been recorded. It has stopped distrusting anymore ransomware and as said above its main focus is now on Coinminers. Few days ago it was a serious threat for worlds computer security and ransomware associated with this Exploit Kit cause data loss because the algorithm they use is almost impossible to break without the key which is used in encryption process. It has not changes its working criteria because it still use to extort money and data but in a different way. So Exploit Kit may be disappeared virtually or faded away from market but it has always been volatile.

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Why Rig Exploit Kit Is Interested In Coinminers?

Coinminers which is also known as Cryptocurrency miners are attracting cyber crooks and that’s the reason why Rig Exploit Kit developer are also focusing on it. The value of digital crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, DarkNetCoin, Dashcoin and has increased frequently. This is the main reason why cyber criminals are interested in developing such threat which them into mining these cryptocurrency. It may be possible or easy to detect a ransomware but it is not easy to detect Mining virus. These mining threat use the processing power of victims computer to mine crypto-currencies. It is not easy for the user to detect this threat because it stop its process from Task manager as user open it. The rise of cryptocurrency miner can be understand from its sample which is given below :

  • 2,368 samples in January 2017
  • 65,512 samples in January 2018

Final Statement

Comparing Rig Exploit Kit in January 2017 with January 2018 it has been clear that the exploit kit has diverted its interest. Now it is distributing different kind of malware. Campaigns associated with Rig Exploit Kit now use to distribute Coinminers and info stealing threat. Coinminers and data stealing threat both are dangerous for your computer because one use to drain your computer resource and other will expose your privacy and handover your personal data to cyber criminals. Hence you need to pay attention and follow every security measure such as avoid visiting unsafe site or keep your security software updated.

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