Safely Remove – Best Removal Guide

Safely Remove – Best Removal Guide
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From last three days whenever i open my browser i frequently redirected towards some unknown site and constant pop-up ads named with covers my whole screen. It has interrupted my important online work and restrict me from visiting my favorite websites. The ads continuously displayed after closing them several time. It also has replace my search engine and the homepage. Please suggest me proper way to remove completely.


Details of is a malicious web search tool which has recently infected many computer around the globe. However it claims to be an safe search tool which can bring the best results of search but according to the victims you will never get a single relevant result of your search. Besides that it is capable of hijacking any popular and most used web browser such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome etc. So with its hijacking ability it also hijacks your default web browser and make several changes to its default setting. Apart from that it is also capable of replacing the default homepage without the permission of the user. It has the ability to silently get inside any computer and perform its malicious activities. Once your system get infected by this threat then you will be not able to do safe browsing anymore. Whenever you try to surf Internet then this threat will display tons of annoying ads on your web-pages and redirects your search towards unsafe sites.


It is also associated with some other malicious program so it can also try to implant those program in your system which not only slow down your system but they can arise many serious issues on it. If you are thinking that this is the need of its malicious activities then you are totally wrong because it also has the potential to track your online activity and collect your browsing data. After collecting your browsing data it send them to its author and they can use those sensitive data to achieve their malicious intention. So it is highly recommended to remove as it get appeared on your system.

Symptoms of infection

  • It hijacks the default browser and redirects search towards malicious site
  • It replaces your search engine and also change the homepage
  • Lots of ads and pop-up will be displayed on your system
  • Unknown apps get installed in your system without your consent
  • Your browsing data would be collected and sent to hackers

How get on your system?

The developer of this threat try to use every single opportunity which allows them to insert this threat into your computer. So it can use any vulnerabilities if found in your system. Usually it is promoted through some unsafe or hacked website. So whenever you visit such malicious sites then you are at high risk to infect your computer with this threat. Apart from that you should report any suspicious thing which you found on your system. If you get any email from unknown sender then don’t suddenly open its attachment because hackers can send this threat in the form of attachment to invade your computer. Besides that there are many users who like to download any free software which they found on Internet but you should avoid it because hackers use these kinds of freeware to promote malware and they can inject the threat with that software in your system.


Remove completely from infected system

Remove all suspicious programs from computer control panel

For Windows vista/7

  • Go to the start menu and click on the control panel
  • Now go to programs group and open uninstall a program
  • Select all the malicious program and click on uninstall

For Windows 8

  • Right click on the left bottom corner of your screen and select control panel
  • Open uninstall a program under the programs group
  • Select all the unwanted program and click on uninstall/Change

Remove suspicious add-ons and extension from web browser

For Internet explorer

  • Go to the task-bar and click the Internet Explorer icon.
  • Now click on tools button then click Manage add-ons.
  • After that click all add-ons under show and then the add-on you want to remove.
  • If unable to delete the add-ons click remove and then tap or click close.

For Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on Firefox menu button and select Add-ons. Add-ons Manager tab will open
  • Select the extensions or add-ons panel from the add-ons manager tab
  • Select the add-on you want to remove by clicking the remove button
  • Now restart your computer if pop-up

From Google chrome

  • Go to the Google chrome browser and click on menu
  • After that select more tools then extensions.
  • Now click on the extension which you wish to remove from Chrome.
  • A pop-up to remove the extension will appear. Click Remove.

Note :- The above mentioned manual steps can remove the threat from your computer if used properly. But in case you are getting problem while using the manual steps then we recommend you to use the Free scanner removal tool which is very easy to use and it removes the malware completely from your PC.


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