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Remove is described as a nasty and brutal browser hijacker program after installation of which you will face lots of unstoppable pop-ups and advertisements disrupting you from operating the PC normally, as cruelly attaches itself to the browser and makes so many changes to its settings. Everything along with homepage and default search engine will be hijacked and you can’t do anything. Also, some other unknown toolbars and extension will be installed to the browser without any human interference. And that pop-up will be quite unreliable and malicious in nature and one accidental click on them will take you to unsafe domain that might be owned by cyber criminals. Also, keeps its sharp eyes on every of your move that you take online and collects your personal data including IP address, ISP, page viewed, most used search queries, cookies, browser type, etc. Don’t take it easy as meanwhile performing any of the secret online transaction will help them to collect your sensitive data like credit card number, PIN number, password, etc which can be further used for any illegal purpose so as to make money and this is really going to bring you in some frustrating situation. Beside, it is well capable to attack on almost all known browser including Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc and others. On the other side, installed security application may stop working that help it to stay away from real time detection. Also, spreads quickly all over the System and keeps performing its malicious tasks on the background taking almost all available resources causing reduction in PC’s working efficiency. In sort, it’s a security risk for your computer system and so you must Uninstall it right after detection.

Scan Your PC To Remove

The Symptoms Of

  • It modifies all the original settings of the browser.
  • Everything along with homepage will be changed and hijacked.
  • Makes PC be full of vulnerabilities
  • Can drop additional spyware or malware
  • Degrade PC’s overall performances at great level.
  • It violates your privacy and steals confidential information.
  • Consumes lots of memory space.

How Infiltrates into PC

  • Free Software Installation: mostly utilize bundling method in order to infiltrates into PC. As, these days, cyber criminals are adopting this trick at great level in order to spread their distrustful program to targeted PC by inserting the code into free programs like game, free security application, video etc.
  • Using shared network: On networked drive, if another computer infected with malware has write access to your computer or to the drive accessible by your PC, then in that case, threat can also came to your device.
  • Opening E-mail Attachment: Your system may get infected with because of reading or downloading malicious attachment of junk mails received from unknown source. So, always be caution before opening any junk mails.
  • Social Media : Today, social media is the mostly found reason for spreading all such malware.
  • Not Running Latest Updates or irregular updation: If you do not update your OS on regular basis or using noncurrent application preferably security programs, then there is great chance of getting infection like .
  • Clicking on Pop-up Window: Clicking on online ads encoded with malicious codes permits harmful bugs to get slips into your computer.


Removal Tool For

Remove manually :

Uninstall WAPageViewer Related Extensions From Internet Explorer

Start Internet Explorer IE and select “Settings” icon from top right corner

Then click on “Manage add-ons”. IE-Manage-Add-ons

Then, select unwanted program from “Toolbars and Extensions“,  and right-click on that.

Hit on “Disable“ button.
Then close IE and restart it again.

Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Open Internet Explorer.
Select Tools button and click on “Internet Option” from there.

Choose Advanced tab, and then click Reset.

Click Reset from reset settings dialog box, 6Close-button-Reset
Further, click close button, and restart Explorer again after closing it.

Block WAPageViewer By Phishing filter settings with Internet Explorer

  1. Click Tools icon and  select Safety option.
  2. Click on “Turn On SmartScreen Filter”. This will automatically on Microsoft Automatic Phishing Filter.

You can go for manual methods, but it’s time taking and slow process, also you need good knowledge of system files and folders. So, for normal computer users, it’s better to go through any third party software and regarding this purpose, experts highly recommend to use Free Scanner Tool. It’s one of the most effective and powerful application that do have capability to remove any kind of threat from PC.

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