Simple Steps To Manually Remove

Simple Steps To Manually Remove
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Is your computer infected with browser hijacker? Have your default home page replace by this browser hijacker? Instead of trying everything you are unable to uninstall this virus infection. Spending lots of time on removing this nasty virus is quite painful then don’t you worry. There is an easy suggestion provided by which you can remove it easily from the system. portrayed as a genuine search engine though a harmful search provider. This is the reason it is categorized as browser hijacker and  is able to hamper web browser activities. When you open this site, you will find nothing suspicious on the site. In fac, the domain looks very interesting and easy with a search bar provided to make any query. Shortcuts of some social networking such as,,,, and online shopping sites like,, and some other famous site including Apple, Walmart, Dell, yahoo, etc are also given so that you can directly access them. Interestingly, what catches your attention is the variety of games to play. Some of them are Cosmo Pilot, Stack tower, Castle Destroyer, Blue Midget, Sheep Pool, etc.

However, as soon as you click on one of them then you get redirected to another thing instead of what you are looking for. A browser hijacker is famous for infecting web browsers installed on the targeted system whether it be Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera and Internet explorer. No browser remain unaffected from its infection. This hijacker virus attaches itself with the browsers for easy redirection anf changes its default search engine to This virus enters your system soon you click on it. All this nasty thing is done with a motive of generating revenue and increasing traffic to a particular site. If you notice this domain as your front page within your browser then it simply means that your browser is infected.

How Does Sneak Into Your Computer?

There are various method by which browser hijacker can sneak into your system. One of the easiest method is via spam emails if opened causes viruses to enter the system. can enter your PC through bundling method. In bundling, harmful code is packed with genuine software which is generally free of cost. Clicking on dubious links or ads or pop-ups while surfing the browser infects your pc. Using infected media devices to share files between two devices results in virus infection. Further it can be installed as BHO (browser helper object) on the browsers and present a new search engine in front of you to use it as your default search engine. is very smart because you cannot locate its traces in extension settings except for browser home page settings.

Dreadful Symptoms Of

Having virus on your computer, you are going to suffer some issues which can be like –

  • Without your knowledge, it can download other threats, spyware, keyloggers and so on on your computer.
  • hijacks your web browser through JavaScript and changes its settings.
  • It alters your default home page and produces irrelevant search results.
  • Constant redirection to phishing site is must.
  • It can weaken the system security badly.
  • It can cause you loss of money and important data as well.

Manually Remove From Computer

Uninstall From Google Chrome

  • Launch chrome browser.
  • Click on Chrome’s menu.
  • Click on Tools option.
  • Click on Extensions tab.
  • Click on related extensions.
  • Click on trash icon.

Reset Google Chrome

  • Click on Chrome menu and goto Settings .
  • Type RESET in the search box.
  • Click Reset button.

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