Simple Steps to Remove from Windows PC

Simple Steps to Remove from Windows PC
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I have this problem since i downloaded a software online. Now my homepage is replaced by and i am getting lots of annoying ads on the web-pages that i visit. I have tried to remove the unwanted extension from the browser but the problem still exists. So if you have any idea to remove then please let me know…


What is ? is an unwanted program which is regarded as a browser hijacker. Cyber criminals created this threat by the purpose of generating revenue by redirecting users towards some sponsored sites and to increase their web traffic. This tricky threat can easily makes its way in your PC without your permission and knowledge. It will start performing its malicious tasks as it get access in your system and if it is not stopped soon then it can manifest various kinds of issues to damage the system. However it can perform many malicious tasks but its main task is to hijack the default browser of the infected system and it has the potential to hijack commonly used browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. All it do for one thing and that is to redirect users and increasing the web traffic fro some third party website as mentioned earlier. Once your default browser is attacked by then its condition becomes poor and it start crashing several times. It get activated as you launch your system and begins its malicious function. To redirect users it also display some interesting ads and pop-ups, so that if users click on those ads then they are automatically redirects towards those site which it is promoting. Moreover, it can also leak your private information to some remote hacker and they can cheat you. Users are advised to remove without making delay.

Scan Your PC To Remove

Where can this come from? is a tricky threat which never comes directly into the PC because it knows that users will not install it. It comes bundled with some other malware program. Downloading software from some unknown website will also download some other rogue and is one of them. Apart form that clicking on ads, pop-ups, gift coupons, banners and fake security message can give a chance to this virus for invading your PC. In addition, opening spam email attachments is also a common source of coming tis virus in the system. Moreover, frequently visiting adult or hacked site is also a source of this virus because these kinds of threat generally hide inside these site and when you visit the site then they can invade your PC. So users are recommended to remove completely from their PC.

Harmful properties of

  • It is able to take control on your default browser and commonly used browsers
  • It will change your homepage and you are not able to rest it
  • It will redirect your search towards some third party and unsafe website
  • It can bring some additional virus and malware
  • It compromises with your system security and violates your privacy

Remove manually from your system

If you are also suffering from the above issues and your PC is also infected by then don’t be worry. We are providing here the manual steps to remove However the manual method is good way to remove threat but it need expertise because if any mistake occurs during this then it can lead to serious issue. So for simple users it is recommended to automatically remove the threat.


Remove from Control Panel

For Windows 7, vista and XP users

  • Go to the start menu and click on the control panel
  • Now double click on the add or remove program
  • Search for in the recently installed program and click on change/remove button

For Windows 8 users

  • Click on the bottom left corner of the Window
  • After that click on the control panel
  • Now click on uninstall a program
  • Select from the list and uninstall it by clicking on uninstall button

Reset your web browser to remove and related program

For Internet explorer

  • Open IE then go to gear menu button and select Internet option
  • Now click on advance tab and click on reset button

For Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the Firefox menu button then click on open help menu button
  • Now click on troubleshooting information button
  • Click on refresh Firefox and click on finish

For Google chrome

  • Go to Chrome settings menu
  • In the search box type reset settings then click on reset settings button
  • After that click on reset button


Remove automatically from PC

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