Step By Step Methods To Uninstall KratosCrypt Ransomware from Your PC

Step By Step Methods To Uninstall KratosCrypt Ransomware from Your PC
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Have you encountered with some ransom note from KratosCrypt Ransomware ? Do you have noticed that your important files and documents has been locked and are not accessible ? Is it have some sort of weird file extension like .kratos at the end of the filename ? Is this threat claims that it has encrypted with using extremely strong private key and demands for huge amount of ransom in favor to provide you the decryption key ? Don’t have any idea about what to do next and how to deal with this troublesome situation ? Searching for some effective and promising solution to remove KratosCrypt Ransomware and restore your lost files ? Then this is the best place, just go through this post!!



Short Description About KratosCrypt Ransomware

KratosCrypt Ransomware is a very tricky and stubborn virus that can infect your system’s files and folders. It infects your files with AES algorithm and put .kratos as an extension to them. So whenever you come across .kratos extension, it means that KratosCrypt Ransomware has infected your files. Once your files get encrypted by it you will no longer be able to access it anymore. In order to get your file access back you need to pay money which costs upto 0.03 Bitcoins as per the message which is displayed by KratosCrypt Ransomware. Is it really thoughtful? Don’t make conclusion so rush. In fact, it is just the bogus malware. These malwares are just created by cyber-criminals to indulge you into their scam.

KratosCrypt Ransomware generally infiltrate in our system by a junk mail or by the mail marked as Spam and sent from an untrusted sites. Thus user should try to open the mail marked as Spam. These mails are sent from the hackers with an infected link attached with it. When anyone click on this mail the malicious code attached with it will get into your system and started to infect your files and folders. Files infected by KratosCrypt Ransomware does not get decrypted soon. It can infect major of your personal files like photos, words, documents and so on and you will not be able to access them unless you buy a decryption key.

Buying of decryption key is not the solution of your problem. Infact it can worsen the situation even more. . If these files are not that important, we will advise you to get rid of all of them. Otherwise, you will enter a blackhole and you should spend more than you could imagine. If the encrypted files are important to you then you should go for the manual or automatic removal tool by yourself because relying on these fake messages are just the waste of money and time.

Scan Your PC To Remove KratosCrypt Ransomware

Harmful Traits Caused by KratosCrypt Ransomware

Once KratosCrypt Ransomware infiltrate in your system will take control over your Windows and Mac. It keeps tracking all your activities on your web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and even Safari to steal your private data and transfer it to the cyber-criminals. It can restrict you to visit useful websites and reroutes your searches to its own websites. KratosCrypt Ransomware can collect your personal information and use it for further invasion. It can leads to change your default homepage and modifies your registry settings. KratosCrypt Ransomware can alter your browser settings. It can slowdown your PC as well as Internet performance and causes system’s break down randomly. KratosCrypt Ransomware can open backdoor for other malware to get invaded in your system. Thus we suggest you to remove such types of infections from your system as soon as its existence get encountered by you.

Steps To Remove KratosCrypt Ransomware From Windows 8

Remove KratosCrypt Ransomware From Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together to open Task manager.


  • You will see a series of programs running as shown in below figure.


  • Then go to the Details tab, select the process related with KratosCrypt Ransomware and then click on End Task option button.

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Uninstall KratosCrypt Ransomware From Control Panel

  • From the start screen click on control panel option button.


  • In the programs click on “Uninstall a programs”.


  • Select the programs related to KratosCrypt Ransomware and then click on Uninstall button.

Uninstall KratosCrypt Ransomware From Registry Editors

  • Click on Win + R keys together to open Run command prompt.

Win +R

  • Type “regedit” and press Enter key to open Registry Editor

Type “regedit

  • Select and remove the fake entries created by the KratosCrypt Ransomware.

End Task


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