Step By Step Methods to Uninstall Realxakepok Ransomware From Your PC

Step By Step Methods to Uninstall Realxakepok Ransomware From Your PC
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Are you getting encrypted by Realxakepok Ransomware? Does it provides false promises to its user? Does it sneaks silently into your system, and cause great harm? Do you have any unwanted notification in to your system? Does it get created by wise criminals mind? Do you have so many trouble into your system? Does it encrypts all your system files? Does it demands any ransom money from its user? Does it deny your access from your files? Do you want any solution to remove Realxakepok Ransomware completely from your system? If yes, then read this guide carefully to know more about it and its removal procedures.

Introduction Of Realxakepok Ransomware

Realxakepok Ransomware is a tricky virus which is designed to encrypt user files and folders to grab money from them. It displays scary message on the screen with the theme of bank bill or the bill of your credit card. And become able to catch attentions of innocent users who even don’t have a credit card. After it infects, thus the format of files will go wrong with the extension name adding strange suffix like .crypt, .crypz, .cryptz, .micro.At the same time it displays a black screen warning or a TXT file which will suggest you to follow its instruction to decrypt your files. If you want access your files you need to buy a decryption key which usually costs for over 500$, but there is no way of guaranteeing that you can recover your files with the so-called key.


Realxakepok Ransomware is very tricky virus in order to make you believe into its forgery it first of all gives you the list of infected files, after that it decrypt some of your files and gives you the list again. At the next step it displays a ransom note on your Windows stating that if you want to decrypt the next infected files you need to buy a decryption key. It can infect major of your personal files like photos, words, documents and so on and you will not be able to access them unless you buy a decryption key.Beware user these massages are just the fraud and sent from hackers to indulge you into its scam. So do not believe on these types of fraud messages because relying on these messages are just the waste of money and time.

It can affect both the Windows and Mac operating system which include Windows XP, 7, 8, 9, Linux and Vista. So we would recommend you to remove Realxakepok Ransomware from your system as soon as possible. It gets invaded in our PC via Spam mail attachments, by the infected URL’s, By uploading fake executables in websites disguised as legitimate software providing ones and by the adware and other unwanted programs.

Scan Your PC To Remove Realxakepok Ransomware

Harmful Traits Caused By Realxakepok Ransomware

Once Realxakepok Ransomware infiltrate in our system will take control over your Windows and Mac. It keeps tracking all your activities on your web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and even Safari to steal your private data and transfer it to the cyber-criminals. It can restrict you to visit useful websites and reroutes your searches to its own websites.

Realxakepok Ransomware can collect your personal information and use it for further invasion. It can leads to change your default homepage and modifies your registry settings. Realxakepok Ransomware can alter your browser settings. It can slowdown your PC as well as Internet performance and causes system’s break down randomly. Realxakepok Ransomware can open backdoor for other malware to get invaded in your system. Thus we suggest you to remove such types of infections from your system as soon as its existence get encountered by you.

Steps To Remove Realxakepok Ransomware From Windows 8

Remove Realxakepok Ransomware From Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together to open Task manager.


  • You will see a series of programs running as shown in below figure.


  • Then go to the Details tab, select the process related with Realxakepok Ransomware and then click on End Task option button.

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Uninstall Realxakepok Ransomware From Control Panel

  • From the start screen click on control panel option button.


  • In the programs click on “Uninstall a programs”.


  • Select the programs related to Realxakepok Ransomware and then click on Uninstall button.

Remove From Registry Editors

  • Click on Win + R keys together to open Run command prompt.



  • Type “regedit” and press Enter key to open Registry Editor.


  • Select and remove the fake entries created by the Realxakepok Ransomware.

End Task



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