Step By Step Methods To Uninstall wizzcaster.exe From Your system

Step By Step Methods To Uninstall wizzcaster.exe From Your system
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Friends do you have any information about wizzcaster.exe? Actually I am facing problem with this extension. All my files get append with this extension. Currently I am not able to access my PC and unable to open any single file? I have been left with only few program only which is not yet targeted by it. The wallpaper has also get changed with scary money demanding message. I am completely afraid of this situation and don’t know how to tackle this situation. Is their anyone who have faced the same problem or I am the first who noticed it. What should I do now to get rid of wizzcaster.exe and its related problem? Any help will be appreciated, Thanks!!!


Introduction To wizzcaster.exe

wizzcaster.exe is a Trojan Horse Program which are designed by cyber criminals to mainly targets Windows based system. It is very aggressive and stubborn virus that shows a large impact on the compromised PC. It usually spread by means of spam links, malicious torrents, various cost-free programs, infected removal devices and pop-up ads. It is very important to take good care of your PC’s security so that online threats do not breach its security loopholes and penetrate inside your computer and started to hamper your PC. wizzcaster.exe is very tricky virus that displays a scary message on your screen stating that your system is suffering from severe threat which needs to be removed soon, in order to mark your PC safe and get back in its good condition. It seems to be legitimate at first attempt but actually this is not so. wizzcaster.exe is actually designed by hackers to compromise your PC and get its access. It also spies on your online surfing and steals your browsing history as well as personal info and transfer those data to cyber criminals to use them for unethical works or to demand money. wizzcaster.exe takes the advantage of loopholes generated in your system and gives access of your PC to hackers and download more rogue malware to your system without your awareness.

Scan Your PC To Remove wizzcaster.exe

Harmful Troubles caused by wizzcaster.exe

  • It can hijack your web browsers and redirects your web links to some suspicious sites with the motive to earn money and enter into your PC.
  • It can slows down your PC as well as Internet connections and causes system crash randomly.
  • It has the ability to corrupt your Windows registry and makes your system out of control means you will not be able to access your system unless you remove wizzcaster.exe.
  • It covers the full screen of your Windows with annoying pop-up ads and interrupt your online surfing.
  • wizzcaster.exe has the ability to hide/delete your program files. This is the reason why some of your programs are corrupted and generate unexpected errors.
  • The worst part is that wizzcaster.exe opens backdoor for the cyber criminals and gives access of your PC to them as well as steals your private and confidential data.

Measures To Avoid wizzcaster.exe

  • Keep updating the firewall and anti-virus programs periodically.
  • Set your Internet security system to advance so that no any malicious programs get install by itself without your permission.
  • Do not visit unsafe domains to access system resources.
  • Do not randomly click on malicious advertisements on social networking websites
  • Mail attachments must only be opened after assuring its arrival source, ignore if it is just a spam.
  • Avoid downloading freeware and other stuffs from torrent or any unofficial website as much as you can.
  • Passwords of confidential webpages must be changed at regular intervals and always use strong passwords.
  • Scan external media devices before using them on your PC.

Manual Methods To Remove wizzcaster.exe From Windows 8Trojans

Step 1 : Boot Windows 8 in safe mode with networking

  • Press Windows + C keys together from keyboard and then click on Settings options.


  • Now press on the power button and hold down Shift key and then click on Restart button.



  • Then click on Troubleshoot options.



  • A menu will appear choose Advanced options and then click on startup settings option.



  • Now select the restart button.



  • At last press 5 on the keyboard to Enable safe mode with networking.


Step 2 : Show all the Trojan associated hidden files on Windows 8

  • Start up your Windows 8 and then go to Control panel.
  • Now type folder in the search bar and then select Show hidden files and folders.

show-hidden-files-and-folders-768x614 trj


  • Next open the View tab and then select Show hidden files and folders options.


  • At last click on OK button and all the Trojan associated hidden files will get appeared


Step 3 : Terminate Trojan associated process from Task Manager in Windows 8


  • Press ctrl+alt+del keys together to launch task manager.



  • Then go to processes tab to view all running process in your system.
  • Process-tab
    Select and end all Trojans related task from Details tab.

Step 4 : Uninstall Trojan Related Programs From Control Panel

  • Go to the Windows 8 and click on Control panel.
  • Win-8-control-panel
    Select “Uninstall a program option” from “Programs” category.


  • Find and select Trojan related Program and click on “Remove” button.


  • Click Yes, if Windows ask for confirmation.


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