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Know more about is a dangerous browser extension downloaded from the internet which comes bundled with free downloads. has also another names or known with different names search.snap do virus, Resoft Smartbar, etc. This malicious browser hijacker can easily hijack all the Windows operating system ans MAC OS X operating system. So, you need not to be surprised that it has given rise to hundreds of different discussions. is another questionable search engine with a title of potentially unwanted programs(PUP). browser hijacker is accompanied by Resoft.


Users who have been using this corrupted search engine in spite of default search engine then they should remember that it cannot be guaranteed that it will display accurate search results. If you get to read the Privacy Policy of Resoft then it informs users that information is being transferred to their servers if is installed on their system. The Privacy Policy states the below statement – “ They collect statistical information and aggregate non-identifying data like use of their products, including inter alia, pages browsed, advertisements viewed, search inquiries and other services in which users are most likely interested. And the type of internet browsers users are using , their respective IP address, various domain you have come across and visited and time they have spent on that particular domain, cookies and the domain type and server.”


The default search engine will be changed to domain. Although it is a “perfect tool to simplify the web” take an example that when you type ‘amazon’ first search results provided by this hijacker virus are always ads (marked as ‘Ads related to amazon’ ). popular sopping websites always display ad-banners of this hijacker virus but you may not have even noticed.

How Does Infect Computer

In most cases, other malicious programs are responsible for initiating hijacker virus. Some users have been tricked into downloading this malware through legitimate programs as well. So stay cautious that some of the freeware programs also contain this browser hijacker bundled with it and you may easily install this onto your system. To avoid such installation you should avoid downloading illegal programs because they are filled with malicious viruses and other related components. You have to be very careful while downloading freeware and sharewares from the internet. It can very easily hijack famous web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Opera.


Harmful Traits Of

This potentially unwanted program manages to do lot of harms to your computer. As for instance, it changes the browser’s settings of almost all the popular browsers and the browsers you have installed on your system. alters start page and default search engine and begin to initiate irritating redirects to and similar web pages. Subsequently, you will start noticing slowdowns of system as well as browsers. Having this hijacker virus on your computer you probably face pop-ads and inconveniences. Moreover this type of hijacker virus, uses browser attachments and programs that have public permissions allowing it to gather , access and control user data and settings. Relatively, this information is used for a wide variety of marketing purposes. Also, it may permits unsolicited advertisements.

How To Control Its Invasion Into The PC

Given below is a manual removal guide which provides guideline and helps you in removing this from infected computer without any loss or damage. The steps are as follow –

Uninstall From Google Chrome

  • First, scan your computer for the viruses and find out its locations.

  • Second, open your Google Chrome browser.

  • Third, click on Menu button (i.e, wrench or 3 bar icon) present next to address bar.

  • Forth, navigate to More Tools option and click.

  • Fifth, click on Extensions.

  • Sixth, find out all the extensions related to and remove it by clicking on trash icon.


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